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Artist: AF URSIN
Title: Trois Memoires Discretes
Format: LP
Label: La Scie Doree
Country: Belgium
Price: $26.00
Pulpit rock "Three introspective instrumental compositions performed on English horn, flute, percussion, double bass, and Hammond organ, recorded and mixed by TIMO VAN LUIJK. Stripped-down with slow-moving sounds, less layering, nearing modern classical music more than drone." -La Scie Doree. "When he has his solo hat on, Timo van Luijk calls himself Af Ursin and his favorite format of release is the LP too. His covers are beautiful, just like the In Camera releases actually, but do not contain an awful lot of information, just like the In Camera releases actually. Af Ursins music is less based on electronics, but more along the lines of acoustic instruments. Van Luijk uses a relatively small palette of sounds and works with them. I believe not in an analogue manner, but through the use of the computer. The a-side has the side long piece Sylphide, which seems to be build from a trombone or trumpet sound. A simple tune, repeated over and over again, with some pauses in between. Say the way Brian Eno did his early ambient pieces of loops of varying length, but then even more stripped down, reduced, minimal and perhaps also more classical. Taciturne, the first piece on the b-side is with flute sounds, but also with some highly obscured field recordings of objects moving in the far distant. Elegie is then another piece for another instrument. It seems an organ of some kind, like a childrens organ, or a harmonium, but perhaps pitched up a bit. I am not sure, but here to we have the same layered aspects as we had on the other side and yet at the same time this layering doesnt mean its crowded. It has that same wonderful tranquil character as the other two pieces, or, in fact the two In Camera records. I play all of this music when I got up this autumn morning, mainly playing music and watching clouds pass outside, making darkness and sunlight change all the time, in a similar slow motion. This is just perfect. I should take a day off, play all Af Ursin records, In Cameras other two records and all of the Mirror releases." - Frand de Waard, Vital Weekly.

Title: Noli Me Tangere
Format: 7"
Label: Look Plastic/Noisyland
Country: New Zealand
Price: $15.00
284 pressed. Ltd edition split 7" vinyl reissue of 1982 classic underground Christchurch EP from 1982 (200 copies only). And Band: George D. Henderson (Mink, The And Band, The Puddle, The Spies), Susan Ellis, Mark Thomas, Richard Sedger (all members of The Spies). Perfect Strangers: William Vosburgh III, Mark Thomas (The Spies), Wilhelm Ruifrok, Richard Uti.

Title: Memento Mori
Format: LP
Label: Domestica
Country: Spain
Price: $29.00
"Artificial Organs evolved out of the Melbourne music scene in 1980s. They played at venues like Melbourne University and The Organ Factory; a creative incubator for various "little bands" whose avant-garde music focused on electronic and synthetic sound. Artificial Organs explored the potentials of innovative consumer tools for music and recording including Casio keyboards and drum machines, Korg synthesizers; Syndrums and the Akai four-track, quarter inch tape deck. The Memento Mori album was influenced by the zen elegance of rhythm-tracker Laurie McRae; the badboy-punk ethos of Ian Forrest, the driving bass of Nick Seymour (later superstar of Crowded House); the pop lyricism of Trisha Viggiano and Stephen Charlesworth (later with Kate Cerberano in Im Talking.) Vocalist Lisa Dethridge organized a techno-chic video studio shoot with fellow students, making the band pioneers in the art of music video. Forrest sent a copy of the album to German band Kraftwerk who met with Artificial Organs members when Kraftwerk visited Melbourne in 1981. This meeting confirmed Artificial Organs as talented early exponents in the history of techno-electronica. Former members currently work across the digital arts in fields of music, performance, robotics and information technology. Edition of 400 copies. 180 gram vinyl. Recorded 1980-1981 on a four track." - Domestica.

Title: Epigenetic Poetry
Format: LP
Label: Recital
Country: USA
Price: $16.00
"An anthology documenting the sound works by the Italian sound poet Giovanni Fontana (b. 1946). These pieces, dating from 1968 – 2014, are scarcely available; culled from cassette magazines and art-book compendiums, along with two unreleased recordings. Fontana has been a pioneer of Italian visual poetry, sound poetry, and experimental theater since the mid-1960s. Together with peer Adriano Spatola, Giovanni worked on the publication Tam Tam (founded in 1972). He also rode in the same wagon as Arrigo Lora-Totino, splicing, pasting, and folding the compass of Italys intermedia.

In one light, Fontanas voice erects a brutal and guttural effigy of man, primitive and hermetic. Yet, stepping to the side – one can see the thin strands of support bolstering such combustibles. As chested-strings of a piano, Fontana strikes firmly across the resonating spread of discovery and acceptance. In addition to voice; jaw-harp, guitar, whistle, piano, and harpsichord are featured in these recordings, though the musical elements are secondary to the voice. Mouth, throat, and even nose [Poema a naso features a microphone inserted in the nostril] take the stage-light.

The interconnection between Giovannis visual and audio artwork is significant. Words twist and dissolve; blotted with ink, soaring across an empty score. This album acts as a frame for these 14 pieces, which can be seen as they are heard – spilling from speakers as letters meeting paper. First edition (315 copies) includes 16 page 9"x9" pamplhet with 3 critical essays: “Hypervox and electrophonic mask” by Giovanni Fontana, “Giovanni Fontana: Poetry as Action and Sound” by Patrizio Peterlini, “Giovannis Adventures in Mediumland” by Jean-Pierre Bobillot. Color images (score excerpts, artwork, etc.) and Program Notes written by Fontana" - Recital.

"Fucking brilliant Sound Poetry rescue by Recital. Giovanni Fontana is a Sound Poet active from the late 60s right up to today. Epigenetic Poetry is a survey of his career and is really fantastic. The first nine pieces are from 1968- 1983 and the last five are from between 1993 and 2014. I got a little nervous when the newer stuff started as increased technology is usually a detrimental factor, but, no worries, the newer pieces are just as great as the old ones. This is top notch Sound Poetry with a lot of tape work and some instruments. Epigenetic Poetry is right up there with the best Alga Marghen Sound Poetry reissues. Anybody who is interested in Modern composition should be very interested in Sound Poetry. Comes with a beautiful and informative colour booklet. If you are unfamiliar with Sound Poetry, this would be a great place to dive in." - Scott Foust.

Title: Catalog #21
Format: Catalog
Label: Paul Major
Country: USA
Price: $10.00
"Record dealer Paul Majors staple-bound catalogs were distributed under the various guises of Sound Effects, Feel the Music, and briefly Xtabay. While on one level these catalogs acted as consumer guides, they also contain some of the most exemplary music writing put to page, at once both surreal and precise. Cloaked within these terse, stream-of-consciousness descriptions of rare psych, private pressings, and other incredibly strange LPs, stand Paul Majors revolutionary ideas on the necessity of the human element in art and the purpose of music, as well as highly entertaining observations on the lifestyles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s." - Johan Kugelberg (from "Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992").

Various catalogs, spanning the late 80s to 2000-ish, all recently pulled from storage, mostly in vg+/nm, "non-perused" condition. A few have slight yellowing, minor creasing, and a couple are even postmarked returns. First come, first served. No Xtabays available. Numbers are assigned more or less arbitrarily and do not indicate chronological order (this is not a complete run) - there are very few dates and no "issue numbers", just foggy memories, so were selling by front cover images with prices based on quantity available. And keep in mind, due to the nature of what these are, there will obviously be overlapping content.
These are key documents in the evolution of underground record collecting from arguably the most influential collector/tracker/dealer, bookending the rise and fall of the "infamous" "psych mafia", who set the rules (i.e. prices) prior to the ebay/youtube/blog playfield-leveling of the last 10+ years.. See how it used to be.
A collection of Pauls catalog writings coming soon via Boo-Hooray.

Title: Romanzi nelle i
Format: Book + DVD + CD
Label: Recital
Country: USA
Price: $30.00
"A stunning new work by Italian sound poet and artist Enzo Minarelli (b.1951). Romanzi nelle i takes inspiration from the sacred work of Abraham Abulafia (1240-1291), the Jewish mystic and father of linguistic permutation. First edition of 200 copies. Hardbound, 71 page full color book. CD of the 2015 rendition of Minarellis "Romanzi nelle i”, plus DVD holding the original 2013 performance" - Recital.

Title: The Impossible Humane
Format: LP
Label: Staubgold
Country: Germany
Price: $19.00
"Recorded from 1984 to 1986, The Impossible Humane is the sole album from The New Blockaders side project Mixed Band Philanthropist. Originally released on the German Selektion label in 1987 and impossible to find nowadays, Staubgold makes this rare gem of industrial-goes-musique concrète available again in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies. Furthermore, the reissue contains two bonus tracks taken from the 7" single The Man Who Mistook a Real Woman for His Muse and Acted Accordingly. The album is assembled of exclusive source material by the whos-who of the industrial music scene of the time, including contributions from Nurse With Wound, Organum, Andrew Chalk, The New Blockaders, Etant Donnes, H.N.A.S., P16.D4, Asmus Tietchens, Controlled Bleeding, Smegma, Merzbow, and many more. "A classic chunk of destroyed concrète. Assembled from a variety of musical and spoken sources, this is a nonstop barrage of genius. Filled with headsnapping changes, sexual innuendo and general confusion, its a totally great listening experience," said The Wire. Idwal Fisher wrote: "This car-crash tape collage still stands today as one of the best examples of the genre. Its perpetual barrage of split-second samples are a dizzying mess of 60s pop songs, scrapes, industrial whirr, uncategorizeable racket, ghostly voices, electronic beebles and burrs, sped-up records, tape whizz, machine rumble, snatches of reggae, bucket damage, kazoo farts, disco spots and about three-thousand or more (Im guessing) other samples that really shouldnt work, but, by some sleight of hand or genius, actually do. On paper, snatches of steel bands shouldnt be found on the same side of tape as Geordie MCs, Michael Jackson, pneumatic drills, early Merzbow and 50s doo wop, but here they are and it works. Totally. Then comes the added bonus of being able to listen to this to the point of ad nauseam, mainly due to the fact that there are so few reference points that every listen brings something new." - Staubgold.

Title: Caught on Tape - Banjaxed Blues
Format: Cass
Label: Manhand
Country: USA
Price: $6.50
"2 sides of blasting zone hard freestyle riff and drum assault caught live in Belfast and Baltimore over the last year. edited into a 2 side collage. comes with insert. limited to 150 copies." - Manhand.

Title: Europa
Format: LP
Label: Sub Rosa
Country: Belgium
Price: $16.00
"Reissue of Pseudocodes mythic 1982 album, Europa, only available as an LP. Pseudocode: Belgian improvised electronic band, active from 1980 to 1982, featuring Xavier Ess (Thrills), Guy-Marc Hinant, and Alain Neffe (Insane Music, Bene Geserit). "In that time, the onset of the 80s, we had the opportunity to create from sound itself instead of notes, from noise, screams, any chord, relevant or irrelevant. Xavier (with Stéphane Barbery, Digital Dance), had been in one of Brussels first punk bands, Thrills. Alain had over 10 years of music experience and was influenced by kosmische musik and all kinds of weird, experimental music; he had put together several improvisation ensembles in the area, including the noisy Kosmose, which I joined as a teenager. Now that I had digested punk, I was into Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, The Pop Group, Red Crayola, This Heat, and all these influences show up upon listening." -Guy-Marc Hinant.

Title: Cantare La Voce
Format: CD
Label: Cramps
Country: Italy
Price: $7.00
"2009 reissue of the 1978 LP on Cramps Records. Demetrio Stratos research into the field of phonetic and experimental poetry led to freeing his voice in a very naturalistic restraint, restoring its depth and dimension. The result of this can be heard in the recordings of his composition Cantare la Voce where what sounds like an instrument is in fact his voice. Digipak CD with 16-page booklet." - Cramps.

Artist: V/A
Title: Traces One
Format: LP
Label: Recollection GRM
Country: Austria
Price: $23.00
"Beatriz Ferreyras "L Orvietan" (1970) is a work composed of two separate movements, the first drawing from electronic sounds, the second from concrète ones. These two sources do not meet, but tend equally towards sound antagonism and a complementarity of spirit. Philippe Carson Turmacs (1961) was created from machine-sounds from the Stuyvesant factories (Holland). Three movements follow one another: first, the spell of rhythms and a build-up that gradually removes the listener from mechanical reality. A more animated movement follows, full of contrasts. The third part is a long crescendo in terms of intensity, density and thickness, which results in a paroxysm. "The noise environment of the workplace is thus transposed, ennobled and magnified." (J. Roy, 1961). Edgardo Cantons "I palpiti" (1966) is described by the artist as follows: "For some time I thought that Gaetano Donizetti had written an aria called "I palpiti," but apparently this is not the case. Nevermind. This piece acquired an evocative value linked to the pleasure the music of this composer gives me. Just like the fervent prima donna donizetian choirs, anything that lives, also pulses, shivers and quivers. These are the qualities of life I have tried to convey here." "Chemins davant la mort" (1968) is one of the few works created by Francis Régnier at the GRM, where he was technical coordinator. It is a short piece, composed as a gesture, a dramatic sound blast stretched between two sound lines rising from and returning to silence. Mireille Chamass-Kyrous "Etude 1" (1960) consists of three sequences, the first two each develop a single sound object. The one that generates the first sequence is characterized by an asymmetrical crescendo-decrescendo and a material whose grain constantly fluctuates. The second sequence multiplies a sound object reduced to its attack in tiny elements divided into three zones that differentiate the overall density and size of the elements: Giant molecules, more defined constellations and fine dust sound. They gradually condense in the third sequence as a kaleidoscopic stretto. Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, June 2012." - Recollection GRM.

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