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Artist: ALU
Title: Autismenschen
Format: CD
Label: C.I.P.
Country: USA
Price: $13.00
"Alu was a seminal German synth-punk band active 1979-83. This CD is their unreleased first studio album from 1980. For those to whom Alu is a new name, comparable audio would be Suicide, Throbbing Gristle (circa 20 Jazz Funk Greats), Esplendor Geometrico, or Algebra Suicide, not to mention myriad electronic German bands who existed concomitant to Alu and have enjoyed recent reissues of their own, including Phonophobia, Die Todlich Doris, and Thorax-Wach. Labels with similar artists include Zick Zack and Twisted Knister. Alu was born from the ashes of the seminal project Sand, whose releases were issued a few years ago through the persistence and passion of David Tibet. Not coincidentally, David Tibet also provided liner notes for this release. This release comes with a booklet of lyrics (in German), photos, plus a short biography (in English) of the band." - C.I.P.

Title: Disasters Of Self
Format: Triple LP Box Set
Label: C.I.P.
Country: USA
Price: $55.00
"After a handful of releases on C.I.P., ranging from full-length CD to one-sided 7", my resolve solidified that Joe was a contemporary artist whose work deserved the focus, breadth, and depth of a multiple LP release. The all-new material in this collection includes fractured electronics, rich multi-level drones, digital bite, the sounds of decaying technology, analog twists and turns, and recording experiments and documents -- plus some other aural surprises that I leave to the listeners discretion as to whether they can be classified as pleasant or otherwise." - C.I.P. Stylish box containing inserts with images/tracklists for each LP; hand-numbered, limited edition of 500 copies.

Title: Split
Format: LP
Label: C.I.P.
Country: USA
Price: $12.00
"Demons is the synth duo of Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Steven Kenney (Isis, Werewolves). Their track was recorded live in Chicago in March 2007 and its like an underwater space journey. The Vertonen side is the atmospheric opposite, like an out of control fire scorching the chaparral. Edition of 500, co-released by the lovely SNSE." - C.I.P.

Artist: UNS (ZEV)
Title: What Does The Brain Have To Do With It
Format: Double CD
Label: C.I.P.
Country: USA
Price: $26.00
"ZEV has been exploring and breaking ground in the audio and textual fields since the mid 1970s. Although best-known for his metal-based percussive performances, uns, his electronics and vocal-based whirlwind, was one of the most innovative (and individual) audio experiments of the early 1980s. unss combination of sound poetics and voice treatments with dense sonic landscapes resulted in challenging, unique, and rewarding audio. A historical testament to the challenge uns presented appears on the first track of this 2 CD set, when some of the audience members -- in addition to repeatedly shouting Die! as the set concluded -- shout out for Flipper. Given the ire Flipper drew from their audiences, the fact that the audience preferred that disconnect to the disconnect uns was creating speaks volumes about the gauntlet uns had thrown down. Even when uns was active (1980-83), recordings were extremely difficult to come by and live performances were infrequent. This new 2 CD set presents four live performances, with only fractional snippets previously released anywhere. For fans of: uns, ZEV, Lieutenant Caramel, sound poetry, musique concrete." - C.i.P.

Title: Fait A La Machine
Format: Picture Disc LP
Label: C.I.P.
Country: USA
Price: $20.00
"40+ min of heavy machinery pounding, hissing, and vibrating, plus a bonus 63 minute CDR of the dronier side of machines at work. If you enjoy artists like Vivenza, Matt Heckert, early Esplendor Geometrico, or Chop Shop, this might be right up your alley. Edition of 300, hand numbered and signed. " - C.I.P.

"Following the various releases Vertonen did on the subject of machines, CDRs and cassettes, I think this is best work so far. On the LP they pieces are shorter than on his CDRs and cassette releases and perhaps more to the point as a result of that. Vertonen taped his field recordings at industrial sites and puts them together as collages of various machine sounds. It sounds like Vivenza - perhaps - but then with the real deal...The only best next thing is working on the conveyer belt yourself." - Vital Weekly.

Title: Lost Sockets
Format: 10"
Label: C.I.P.
Country: USA
Price: $9.00

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