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Title: SchlingenCassettenBlangen
Format: Cass
Label: Close/Far Recordings
Country: USA
Price: $8.00
“Close/Far Recordings is positively elated to publish an unreleased version of Schlingen-Blängen, from Charlemagne Palestines personal archives, recorded in 1977. Palestine considers it to be the first official recorded version of Schlingen-Blängen that pre-dates the only other published version, recorded in 1988, by eleven years. Both pieces were performed on the same church pipe organ in Delfzijl, Holland by the North Sea. Because the master was recorded on cassette, informing the character and atmosphere of the piece, and since this new edition is once again on cassette, Charlemagne has named it SchlingenCassettenBlängen. This analog magnetic tape captured version from 1977 is exquisitely dark and humid in comparison to the wonderfully bright and crisp digitally recorded version from 1988. It will also be the first full-length solo Charlemagne Palestine work ever released on cassette.

SchlingenCassettenBlängen is colored by the nuances and flaws of being a decades-old cassette tape which Charlemagne feels embellishes the recording, making it a special new work. Or as he says "Itsssss Casssettennnn magiccccc!!!" The intermittent speed warping and out of tune tape sliding invites a rich dialogue with the mechanics of the cassette itself and fundamentally with time. Clocking in at 90 minutes long it stretches out in an ethereal fashion that is simultaneously ruminative and tempestuous documenting Charlemagnes organ playing in a particularly elegiac, painterly, and ultimately sublime mode. Fortunately, this important but hidden early document is now preserved enabling us to experience a very special chapter in Palestines recorded oeuvre highlighted by a truly ecstatic final passage that stands amongst his most emotive, mystical, and powerful moments.” —N.N.N. Cook, 10/14

Comes in a special printed outer sleeve wrapped around the Norelco case
Featuring new and archival artwork by Charlemagne Palestine
With color and b+w double-sided, 4-panel j-cards
In an edition of 369 (at Charlemagnes request)
Color imprinting on clear shells w/clear liners
90 minutes, Chrome Type II, High-bias tape
Professionally duplicated and printed
Digital download link included
Mastered by Jonathan James

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