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Title: Scum Noise
Format: Lathe Cut 7"
Label: Humbug
Country: Norway
Price: $15.00

Title: E-Z Voiceover Box-Top Living Solutions
Format: 7"
Label: Humbug
Country: NORWAY
Price: $6.50
"Another super hot 45rpm, this one sees Crank Sturgeon hitting a flabbergasting stride on the A-side with lots of clattering percussives and flailing-about dadaspooge action..... and of course wheezing, sneering voices, "supplanting saliva where once wouldve been electronic noises" in the words of our good Reverend. Hell yes! B-side previosly appeared on Humbugs "Cottage Industrial volume 1" compilation and actually contains some semi-coherent ramblings as well as lots of profanity and indigestible out-of-control tape muddle. Precious! 220 copies made." - Humbug.

Title: Dark Rye Bread
Format: LP
Label: Humbug
Country: Norway
Price: $20.00
"Dark Rye Bread is a reissue of a key early CD-R, originally released on Nature Tape Limb. The combination of octave-shredding distortion, wowing loops and inspired free vocal flow makes this a particularly ecstatic acid-test for fans of Hototogisu, Angus MacLise, Double Leopards, Milky Way-era Haino etc" - Volcanic Tongue "As a tool for deep-sonic exploration, the human voice doesnt see much action these days. Sure, its one of the last human confections still sweetening up most pop music (indie and mainstream). But for musicians operating on American cultures more expressively extreme outer fringes, the human voice typically plays a supporting role (at best) to electronics, guitars, laptops, etc. Renegades, however, are always out there. Take S.F. duo (sometimes trio) the Skaters. Within their universe of sound, the human voice is the omnipresent life force powering EVERYTHING. Of course, its a realization hard-earned for the listener, because this LP, Dark Rye Bread, is as statically charged -- with walls of droning feedback and crackling distortion -- as just about any electronic-noise freakout extant. However, reckless noise this isnt, not by a long shot. After several concentrated listenings, these six pieces for voice mutate into brilliant sunbursts dispersing waves of shamanic howls, cat-horny ululations, and reverberating growls that, through the Skaters thoughtful use of controlled breathing, fuse with squealing minisynths and rattling hand percussion. This ecstatic cacophony might sound as loud as industrial music, but its also as profoundly moving and archetypal as Lorcas duende echoing through the mountains of Andalusia." - Justin Farrar. Repressed - 2nd edition of 500 copies, with numbered insert and printed sleeve.

Title: Split
Format: Lathe Cut 10"
Label: Humbug
Country: Norway
Price: $36.00
"The Temple Defectors is James Ferraro & Spencer Clark (of THE SKATERS), presenting here a fine slab of vintage violence (from around the time they did "Dark Rye Bread" and "Gambling in Ohpas Shadow" (as the Skaters)) - essential. On the flip is some fine itinerant heavy lidded psych by Claypipe - thats Antony Milton and Clayton Noone from New Zealand. Limited lathe cut 10" to 120 copies in proper hand assembled covers, with a poster insert and resealable sleeve." - Humbug. Unfortunately priced 2008 release.

Artist: V/A
Title: Cottage Industrial Volume 3
Format: CDR
Label: Humbug
Country: Norway
Price: $11.00
"Third instalment of our eclectic compilation series, fully sucked to capacity at 79:59, though theres "only" 17 tracks this time. You get two tracks from norwegian duo RYFYLKE (Humbug releases an LP with them sometime in 2005!), bristling with heavy frequencies. A sample of up-close "selbstverprügelung" and subtle barnyard heckling from unidentified mental patients RAIONBASHI. Crude electronics from WAWA. A glacial and feverish meditation for metals, springs, radio and wire hangers by ORANGE, MANIFOLD. SINISTRI are sculptors of molten pulses and charged convulsions, look out for their album on the Häpna label in the spring. Theres two tracks from PH�? - a short blast taken from "This is Handiwork" CD + a live track from Rhiz in Wien where the boys are fronted by one Didi Bruckmayr in best maniacal form. Also from Italy (along with Sinistri) are OvO, hot on the heels of their fully cracked jamz of the live tape on Imvated. This trackss for guitar and whistles, Stefania and Bruno captured here in full stereo sound. WOODEN WAND & SATYA SAI BABA exhales and hits a strident rock chord, trances out, lays it bare. "Wet Margarete" by EXCEPTER is a keening call to hush things down, before the gorgeous slow movements of LUNTs "You Keep Me Unafraid", a daydreaming haze of crystalline guitar loops. MASKINANLEGG tests your stereo output, while MOTHs "Ohne Titel" (the final Moth recording), draws to a fried conclusion with subliminal hum and skeletal buzzes. ANDERS HANAs piece is quiet and poised, barely pinches the skin. VIOLETS ROCK N ROLL suggests in the crudest of terms you better get the hell out of here, and finally IDEA FIRE COMPANY offers a salute to the weary listener with the epic 11-minute "Heroes".Comes in a heavy full colour cardboard packaging, stupefying "pensjonist" themed artwork, an insert and a sticker. Limited to something." - Humbug.

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