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Artist: TSA
Title: Home Of the Green Wave
Format: LP
Label: Natural Law
Country: USA
Price: $16.00
"...recent private press out of Chicago by a shadowy figure who has been working anonymously for damn near two decades. His records trace the outline of a truth never fully revealed. Past releases include Terry Rojvi, Jim Collins Music Performed by the High Mass, Tommy Roundtree Jungle Blood and many others. Due to the artists bizarre distribution methods (packages with no return address, Goodwill dumps, etc), copies of previous titles have changed hands right off the bat for over $100... so dont hesitate. Vinyl record in black jacket with tiny paste-on" - Deep Thoughts.

Here are a few testimonials on past releases by the artist: "Yeah, I pretty much love everything the guy does unreservedly. Big hand in me starting Wooden Wand - for better or worse. Ha! I must confess I dont listen to any of this stuff a whole lot - it seeps in too readily, too much potential for osmosis. I tend to avoid repeated listens to any music I know I would subconsciously try to emulate. Like I said, there may not have ever been a "Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice" if I hadnt found those first two LPs. I loved everything about them (and still do). It inspired a lot of what I was doing early on - the aesthetic, the sound, as well as the avoidance of any sort of scene (that last part didnt work out too well). Heres to the artist for maintaining some true anonymity (speculative blog posts notwithstanding) in a world of ubiquitous everything! And his music has always been way better than Jandeks! ;) - JJ Toth (Wooden Wand).

"I was recently sent two records from an address in Chicago, in plain brown sleeves with the artists name stamped using a rubber stamp, one by Tommy Roundtree called "Jungle Blood" and the other by Arian Sample which appears to be untitled. There was no letter with the package and no return address. Both records are very haunting and moving, reminding me of Simon Finns "Pass the Distance" and a couple of other beautiful and obscure albums which usually get lazily classified as loner folk. I havent been able to find anything out about them at all from the internet or from record collectors. But thank you to whoever sent them. I was touched and intrigued." - David Tibet (Current 93).

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