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Title: The Room Isnt Big Enough
Format: CDR
Label: Old 3C
Country: USA
Price: $12.00
"..The Room Isnt Big Enough is the creation of five veteran Columbus, Ohio scenesters gathering together for a handful of nights at Tommy Jays Barn/Studio in Harrisburg, Ohio. Most of the songs were written "especially for" this project. Don Howland (Gibson Bros, Bassholes), Jim Shepard (Vertical Slit, V3), Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments), Tommy Jay (Mike Rep and The Quotas, (Ohio)True Believers) and Mike Hummel (Mike Rep and The Quotas, "basement producer" extraordinaire) have been friends and supporters of each others music since the late seventies. It was generally agreed that some documentation to that fellowship should be recorded before the participants doddered off into "Old Age". This album _is_ that testimony. Although a good time was had, this album is not "good timey". These thirteen songs reflect the blues, folk, and punk roots heritage of all involved. Each song was sung by its lyricist, with the exception of "Half Off", which was sung by Don Howland / written by Ron House." - Old Age/No Age. "limited edition run of 250 fully-packaged and shrink-wrapped CDRs, complete with a deluxe fold-out color insert including multiple photos of the boys, and Mikes "Trails to Ego Summit" artwork. Not to mention that weve added a bonus Ego Summit track to the original 13 songs, Mikes "Fuck the Clock," which some of you may know from the Jim Shepard tribute." - Old 3C. Very highly recommended!

Title: Directions To The Party
Format: DVD
Label: Old 3C
Country: USA
Price: $10.00
Live performances from classic Columbus, Ohio band featuring Ron House (Moses Carryout, Twisted Shouts, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ego Summit, Psandwich, Counter Intuits), Mike Rep (Quotas, Harrisburg Players, Ego Summit), Don Howland (Gibson Bros, Bassholes, Wooden Tit, Burning Bus) and other central OH all-stars. Tons of live footage from Cablevision 83, Staches 85, Comfest 87, Southpaw Brooklyn 08, and Surly Girl Parking Lot Blowout 08. 120 minutes, NTSC, Region One format. Includes four-page comic book with Matt Wyatt / Aliastrations artwork.

Artist: V/A
Title: Fifty​@​50
Format: LP
Label: Old 3C
Country: USA
Price: $30.00
Limited to a one time pressing of 150 copies. “The Old 3C label celebrates its fiftieth release with fifty songs at 50 seconds each, featuring tracks by label artists and various friends in the indie rock world. Profits will be donated to the Clintonville Resource Center in Columbus, Ohio.
Featuring Yo La Tengo, Bill & Karlee Goffrier (Big Dipper, The Embarrassment), Sleepyhead, Ron House (Great Plains, TJSA), Sue Harshe (Scrawl), The Human Hearts (Franklin Bruno, NPB), Sin Shouters, New Gentle Soul, Closet Mix, Truman Carter, Reverbalines, The Ready Stance, The Stark Folk Band, Orchestraville, Psychic Wheels, Obviouslies, and many, many more.” - Old 3c.

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