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Title: Ensemble
Format: LP + Book
Label: Rhythmplex
Country: USA
Price: $40.00
"Over the course of various releases, the self-titled debut Death Blues (Hometapes/Taiga), Here (Rhythmplex), Non-fiction (SIGE), as well as the text only Death Blues manifesto, drummer and percussionist Jon Muellers Death Blues project has used sound, performance, and concept to explore ideas around presence and experience. This work culminates in the release of Ensemble, an elaborate book/LP/digital release that features seven essays about our vulnerability, the rawness of our inner lives, and how we move forward in the face of it all. The audio is an elaborate orchestral soundtrack crafted by Mueller and composer/multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch over the course of two years. Like the essays, the music exemplifies complex emotional and textural layers via strings, woodwinds, percussion, and wordless vocals, ranging from cinematic and dreamful to thundering and powerful over the course of its nine tracks. Late artist Lillian Rammels hand-made masks from the 1970s are featured throughout the package, symbolizing inward and outward perceptions. The combination of audio, text, and visual create an immersive and broad experience. This is work about people, for people. Ensemble comes packaged as a deluxe 16pp hardback full color book with a 140 gm LP." - Rhythmplex.

Title: dHrAaNwDn
Format: Double LP
Label: Rhythmplex
Country: USA
Price: $35.00
Edition of 200 copies, DMM mastered white 140 gm LPs in a die cut jacket printed with metallic ink and a matte finish, featuring inner sleeves with location photographs printed in metallic ink and a matte finish.

"...On May 23, 2016, Jon Mueller played four drums for over six hours in this Meeting House. Engineer Fred Weaver traveled by truck from Pennsylvania, hauling and then constructing a complete mobile recording studio to record the drums and the intense acoustics of the room by placing microphones throughout the space. dHrAaNwDn (read as "hand drawn") offers a partial document of this session, featuring various long-form pieces from the day.
With dHrAaNwDn, Mueller, who has spent a great deal of his drumming career building a discography and performance reputation around ecstatic repetitive rhythms, brought a nearly impossible energy unheard in his previous work. In fact, two of Muellers earlier recordings, The Whole (Type Recordings, UK, 2010) and Alphabet of Movements (Type Recordings, UK, 2011) both pointed toward the Shakers. However, these were merely sketches compared to the severity found within dHrAaNwDn. As stark as these performances are, there is something in the patterns and acoustics, something in the feel and transmission of the sound that might have only been possible to occur in this room..." – Starlyn D’Angelo, Executive Director, Shaker Heritage Society.

"On dHrAaNwDn, relentless rhythms form a dissolved state between frenetic dance and Zen, driving both energy and contemplation simultaneously. The combination of movement and sound is almost palpable, yet easy to get lost within. From the perspective of the player, its a spiritual exercise. For the listener, it might not be much different.

Consider that in meditation, repetitive mantras lead toward an ideal state. In Rudolf Steiners Eurythmy, gestures relating to rhythm can be turned into “visible music.” In George Gurdjieffs movements, cosmic truth is transmitted through different postures. And in Shaker dance, high energy syncopated movements drove participants into trance states. Drumming can operate similarly. It is an active ritual of giving and receiving. Giving, in its intentional form and movement. Receiving, in the sound that returns. Its a focused call and response with the unknown." - Rhythmplex.

JON MUELLER - dHrAaNwDn from rhythmplex on Vimeo.

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