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Title: s/t
Format: LP
Label: No Label
Country: USA
Price: $28.00
Sealed original stock from 1986. BF were featured on the BART (Bay Area Retrograde) comps. "Batang Frisco (Indie Minimal Synth) has an unusual place in the San Francisco music scene- we were gigging in coffee shops and nasty clubs as Batang Frisco while at the same time we were performing as The Outpatients (Noise Rock) and The False Gods (Cyberpunk), our outlet for ridiculously unhinged sounds.  We actually opened for ourselves once; we recruited a few friends and we all went at it.  There was a tight bond among the synth minimalists; the crew was MX80, Modmach, Tuxedo Moon, the Residents and Throbbing Gristle among many others, talented and not." - Batang Frisco

"Digging thru the pile of records and theres this thing.. oddball 4th way synth/slap bass/murmur bedroom duo from the 80s. JURY STILL OUT." - Pete Swanson, Oct 3 2017, Twitter.

"A SAN FRANCISCO QUEST- REVIEW OF BATANG FRISCO Im going to start by saying that this disc is completely different from anything else recorded in the 1980s (or other decades for that matter): strange surreal soundscapes, tones and chords eliciting higher consciousness, minimal synths creating sunspots in the mind, lyrics mapping out stories hidden in cut up word salad.
I first heard Batang Frisco on a compilation called BART. A friend told me he heard this new band in a dance club in New York City (hard to believe, but true).  I bought a copy a few months later and I was bowled over, such a personal power.  I now consider myself a soldier in the Batang Army. The album also has some great artwork on the front side; it reinforces the overall feel with nearly indecipherable glyphs and figures. So pick it up, its awesome. Pick it up." - Bob Grumman, Editor, Runaway Spoon Press.  

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