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Title: Remembering in the Cosmic Manifestation
Format: LP
Label: Le Souffleur
Country: Netherlands
Price: $20.00
Bhaavitaah Bhuustasthah is Raymond Dijkstra (here on Mellotron, Moog IIIp, and percussion). "The following Text is not about the Content of the LP. Nor is it an Effort trying to explain what this LP is about. The LP is not about Memories, nor about Remembering any of the Events described below, despite the Title. The Title points at a pristine State of Being, while being in the Middle of a Cosmic Event. The Remembering of the Manifestation of the Cosmic Event, while being in the Middle of the very Manifestation. The Realization you recognize this. Even while you havent been aware of it before, nor did you ever knew it existed. It is the Moment you become Whole again. The text below is merely a fluctuating Series of earthly Events, a Series of Events which may or may not have happened in a Lifetime. ***** Returning to the great O... Daydreams saturated with Distortion Endless Circles of Circles in a Room: I was lying on my Bed. Motionless. At the same Time moving forward in Acceleration, in a Tunnel. Turbulence. At the End of the Tunnel there was always Freedom, floating in open Air… At the same Time in my Room, sparsely lit. Cosmic Chaos. I was working on a Painting; my Hands still dirty from the Day before. The Painting contained many Layers from being overpainted over and over again. My History contained in Layers of now unseen Visions. Like Memories. One Year Before I was in Front of the same Painting. In a different Room. In a different Town. I had been working on this Painting before… It was like painting my own Life over and over again. The Board was too small to just contain only a small Fraction… I woke up in Violence. Two Hands were holding me while two other Hands were punching me. Around me it was black and cold and I saw about thirty staring Faces around me. Apathetic, curious Gazes in a Mixture of Disgust and Bloodlust. Three old Friends were in between them. Their Faces were partly cowardish and ashamed for letting their Friend fall. When the Fight was over, they picked me up and dragged me Home. It was the last I saw from them. It is interesting how sharp you can see all the Details of an Event while your Consciousness is slipping away. In the Crowd I recognized a Girl who Id seen walking through Town regularly. The other Day I stumbled upon H. We had been very close Friends once in another Life. I still feel Friendship. Although our Friendship was lost a long Time ago. He only knew me the first 19 Years of my Life. The last ones of these were pretty hectic. It is funny to know when someone thinks of you, he sees an Image from Days long gone. I exist in many Realities. His Memory of Me is as real as is the current Me. Today I saw Me again. Upon Goodbye, we embraced. Again in another Life, me and A, my dear best Friend were walking through Town. A had committed Suicide a few Years later. He was only 13 when he had laid himself on the Tracks of a coming Train. The Universe ended then. His. And Ours as well. Just a Couple of Days back I was standing in front of his Grave for the first Time in 34 Years. His Mother was buried in the same Grave just two Years back. His Fathers Name was already engraved on the Stone, while still alive. I will always love you, A. My fragile Italian Friend with vibrant blue Eyes." - Le Souffleur.

Title: Rückkopplung I
Format: Cass
Label: Robert & Leopold
Country: USA
Price: $8.00
"The current nom de guerre of Dutch sound artist Raymond Dijkstra, Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah, lends direction to Dijkstras studio of the same title and frames reference to the cross-confusion of linguistics in modern society. For the past 30 years, Dijkstras output has been varied yet consistent, compiling dozens of self-released albums in which he takes away the focus from the ideas behind completed musical forms, and redirects these thoughts into the hand-made process of its creation. Utilizing his designated space, Dijkstra composed his recent efforts using his newly embraced medium of electronic synthesis, fusing this with his abstract system of sound reproduction using degenerated tape, natural acoustic phenomena and random percussive patterns. Thematically, “Rückkopplung” attributes this idea of feedback loops within language. The idea of how certain languages lose sight of their original roots and after centuries of words being spoken into themselves, words become foreign recreations of their original place. As a whole, the inspiration behind Rückkopplung situates itself within the coincidentally bizarre true story in which Dijkstra experienced, as told by Dijkstra himself:

“I was selling a table harmonium. One day, I got a message from a young man who wanted to buy it. His grandmother had recently died and he wanted to play the harmonium on her funeral two days later. I sent him my address and the following day I met him at my home. He acted somewhat confused because he had just, in front of my doorstep, received a somewhat unsettling message from his mother about his grandmother...and my house. Since the man had told his mother he would buy an instrument at my address (an old 1924 art deco house which had seen better times due to poor (no) maintenance), she wrote him a message informing him that his grandmother had lived right there, in exactly the same house for over 20 years. They were the previous tenants just before I came to live there. He told me the name of his grandmother was Faber. I knew then that the story was correct. I remember having received mail from the previous tenants the first year in my new house. The name was Faber. And I knew an old man had died there. That was about 25 years ago. The young man and I were both speechless. We realized the strangeness of the whole situation. The young man was somehow led to my house. The same house where his grandmother had lived an important time in her life. And where her husband had died, the year before I came there. We talked about his grandmother and I told him something about the house. He would later send me a photo of his grandparents and his mother and father, sitting in my current living room. A strange timeprint of something which had happened a few decades ago, in my house. The next day he would play the harmonium on the funeral of his grandmother. The same harmonium he had bought at the house where his grandmother had lived.” Edition of 65." - Robert & Leopold.

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