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Title: Crystal Waves
Format: LP
Label: Hummingbird
Country: USA
Price: $32.00
Sealed original 1984 release. "Meditative crystal-glass drone masterwork - Considered one of the best private issue new age albums" said someone somewhere.. With Scott Cossu, Jami Sieber, T ao Chu-Shen.

“DAWN POEMS is an impression of that time of day from the stillness of first light, through the brightening of cloud to the rising of the sun. The first movement expresses the comfortable mystery of the early moments when one feels the inner and outer realms of being blended. This is the time when insight, emotion, and reflection are joined. Through the web of musical texture weaves the beautiful cello of Jami Sieber. The second movement represents the stirring of human awareness, with a song of prison ocarina and the greeting of the day as expressed by the sensitive and heart-felt marimba playing of Scott Cossu; a uniquely meditate use of this instrument. The third movement depicts the brilliance of the rising sun and the brightening day as evoked by the masterful ch in playing the T ao Chu-Shen. The ch in is perhaps the quietest and among the most ancient of the instruments, and the subtlety of its seven silk string tills the sky within the ear. The piece concludes with a lovely solo on h siao (Chinese bamboo flute) by Scott Cossu, enchanced by multiple echoes moving backward and forward in time, producing an impression of clouds dispersing in the brightening day.

CRYSTAL WAVES was produced entirely with the sound of tuned crystal glasses. Each glass was playing individually with meditative attention and recorded, grouped, and rerecorded with lengthy blending process. In order to attain a broad spectrum of sound from a simple source, tape speed, equalization and harmonic balance were hanged to produced sounds reminiscent of bass and cello, flutes and horns, organs, bells and gongs, and other sounds suggestive of electronic synthesis. Sometimes as many of the thirty glasses may be heard at once, each with its own pulsation and timbre, produced notes pulsate with organic subtlety and complexity. The result is at once relaxing and stimulating and physically felt. Within the context is a stream of melodic themes which develop and bridge the four movements. I strove to produce a musical work which uplifts the spirit by calming the mind and organically stimulating the subtler dimensions of physiology in a manner consonant with my own heart.” - David Casper.
"This is the third release in the quiet music series." - Hummingbird.

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