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Artist: COIL
Title: The Ape Of Naples/The New Backwards
Format: 4 LP Box Set
Label: Important
Country: USA
Price: $92.00
"The Ape Of Naples/The New Backwards is limited to 1500 copies. This 4LP set is pressed on heavy duty 180 gram vinyl and each record is packaged in its own LP jacket which is then housed in a deluxe tip-on style box. A poster is included. The first three records make up The Ape Of Naples and the B-side of each has a custom etching. The fourth record is The New Backwards and it is double sided. A four panel poster is included and the box has a 5th color spot-gloss. This box set includes 2 albums. The first is the complete Ape Of Naples and the second is The New Backwards which is only currently available in this box set. The New Backwards appropriately is part of The Ape Of Naples set. The material is additional completed versions of songs that were left unfinished, whose early raw loops and demonstrational incarnations might sound familiar to some but have never officially surfaced."

Artist: COIL
Title: Astral Disaster (yellow vinyl) LP
Format: LP
Label: Lion Productions
Country: USA
Price: $25.00
"In 1998, Coil were invited to record at Sun Dials studios beneath the London Bridge Hop Exchange—a studio originally know as Samurai Studios, originally built and owned by Iron Maiden. The premises in Victorian times was an old debtors prison which had three underground levels, and still had the original chains, manacles and wrought iron doors from the old prison. This caught the attention of John Balance, who was very keen to record there. Coil spent a number of days recording at the studio during Halloween 1998. With Gary Ramons help, they developed a number of tracks, some of which resulted in this LP. Ramon produced and mixed the Astral Disaster recordings, as well as playing guitar and sitar on these sessions. A version of the album was later remixed by the band and released on their own label—but the Prescription mixes as released in 1999 are unique.

This rare album was part of the legendary subscription-only Prescription label album series in the late 1990s, issued in an edition of 99 signed and numbered copies, long since sold out. (If you are wondering, originals fetch £700+). This is the first time the album is being released officially since 1999. Taken from the original masters, this reissue comes with original sleeve artwork, insert, and the facsimile signatures of John Balance and Peter Christopherson that came with the first issue." - Lion Productions.

Artist: COIL
Title: Unnatural History
Format: 4 LP Box
Label: No Label
Country: Europe
Price: $135.00
"Yow... Heres a full 8 sides of 1983-1996 studio rarities, outtakes, unreleased tracks, impossible to find compilation cuts, 7" and EP tracks and more, all pressed on crystal clear vinyl and packed in a sturdy, hard board box, with a 2-sided tracklist insert plus 36-page booklet full of writings, interviews, reviews, appreciations, reading lists, hate mail, photos, artwork, posters and more. An absolute must for all COIL fanatics! And no need to mention this is likely quite limited."

Artist: COIL
Title: A Cold Cell In Bangkok
Format: One-Sided Picture Disc 12"
Label: Optimo Music
Country: UK
Price: $16.00
Single sided 12" single; silk-screened image designed by Lindsay Todd. "I fell in love with Coils music as a teenager in the 1980s. . . . In 2008, Domino Records invited Optimo to put together a compilation of music for them to release. I wanted to include Coils A Cold Cell and after approaching Peter Christopherson for permission to release it he suggested doing an exclusive remix for the compilation. How could I say no? The remix was titled A Cold Cell In Bangkok." - JD Twitch, May 2017.

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