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Title: Starry Connection Of Dimishing Returns
Format: CDR
Label: Audiobot
Country: Belgium
Price: $15.00
"Davenport crawl out of the scum hippie streets of Wisconsin to unfold a mystic paper of drifty psychedelica, blown forward by an enchanting wave of chiming bells, percussion flutter, trance soaked vocals and all around dense vibes. A scattered cosmic burst of beauty. Feedback that carves backwards into flesh and flips you over for a primitive jam of other worldly powers. Imagine barbaric trolls fucking with your brain, mystical creatures that summon their self-reflection in a druggy field of sunflowers. Packaged in silkscreened fold-out sleeves, graced with hysteric artwork by Jelle Crama. Limited to only 150 copies, go stand on your toes." - Audiobot.

Title: Free Country
Format: CD
Label: Last Visible Dog
Country: USA
Price: $12.50
"Dirt-soaked dirges and country-fried jams filter through the backwoods of their Madison, Wisconsin home on Free Country . This is the beginning. This is the moment Davenport was truly born. Clay Ruby and his clan bring us an album full of diamonds and pearls. Conjuring up the spirits of No Neck Blues Band and Jackie-O Motherfucker, Ruby and his primitive choir sing late into the night. The entire proceedings are a celebration of the journey. Where it leads is of no consequence, but embarking on a trek to find something new is what matters." - Last Visible Dog.

Title: Wulfcult Rising
Format: Cass
Label: Temple Of Be Saint 777
Country: Japan
Price: $12.00
"2 long smoky ragas played by the house band of YAHOWA 23 Each copy numbered. Ltd 50." - Temple Of Be Saint 777.

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