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Title: Experiences Musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II)
Format: LP
Label: Cacophonic
Country: UK
Price: $26.00
"Cacophonic present an abridged reissue of Experiences Musicales De Jean Dubuffet, originally released by Jean Dubuffet in 1961. If ever a phonographic accomplishment could encapsulate the precise modus operandi of the Cacophonic label, then the Expériences Musicales sessions made by French born painter, sculptor, music maker, wine merchant, and founder of the Art Brut movement, Jean Dubuffet would be a prime candidate. Originally released as an impossibly rare six record box set containing Dubuffets first long anticipated forays into sound sculpture and spontaneous artistic noise, these intimate early 1960s recordings show a lesser-known side of this important artists personality and stand up as a vital document in both fields of contemporary art and experimental music. Finally released to a wider audience and presented complete with Dubuffets signature style artwork, this abridged vinyl edition includes specific selections curated by the artist himself, in conjunction with experimental music pioneer Ilhan Mimaroglu, and showcase what the two leading lights of modern art consider to be the best moments of this historic session. On this limited vinyl pressing Dubuffet succeeds in translating his unique spontaneous creativity and active support of Low Art into musical forms, a process with which he would also collaborate in his dual compositions with Danish avant-gardener Asger Jorn (for a separate series called Musique Phénoménale). Utilizing a wide range of orthodox acoustic instruments ranging from violin and open piano to duck whistles and not musical apparatus this set of eight pieces (culled from a potential twenty tracks made under the Expériences Musicales banner) sees the work of the artist approaching music from the perspective of "a man of 50000 years ago". Recorded at Galleria del Cavallino in Venice Italy during the first months of 1961, these primary experiments with music followed over twenty years of Dubuffet developing his own unconventional artistic persona as an instantly recognizable pioneer of post-war artistic abstraction. The recordings you will find within the grooves of this LP were created without any reference and in the artist own words "without any discipline, without anything that would present the artist from expressing himself freely and for his own good pleasure". Almost sixty years have passed since this sonic objet dart was first realized, and with all the technology and the advanced science-of-sound, decades of so-called experimental musicians are still struggling to find that Brut energy within their creative endevors making this early example one of vital existence." - Cacophonic.

Title: Expériences Musicales 1961
Format: Double LP
Label: Jeanne Dielman
Country: Italy
Price: $31.00
“Recorded in Venice in 1961 by the French sculptor, painter, and iconoclast Jean Dubuffet, these recordings were originally released in a hyper-limited 10" box set that is all but impossible to acquire. An early progenitor of the avant-garde and musique concrete, Dubuffets recordings nearly defy category and still sound innovative some 50+ years later. Essential and unequivocal recordings from the founder of the Art Brut movement.” - Jeanne Dielman.

Title: Expériences Musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II)
Format: Double CD
Label: Rumpsti Pumsti
Country: Germany
Price: $28.00
Includes a 32-page insert with liners in English and French by Dubuffet and Ilhan Mimaroglu. "The Musical Experiments of Jean Dubuffet, recorded in 1961, form a set of 20 pieces. They were released the same year as a box containing six 10” Vinyl-Records in an edition of 60 copies. In 1991 nine of those 20 pieces were reissued on the CD "Expériences musicales de Jean Dubuffet ou la Musique chauve" (Circé/Mandala/Fondation Dubuffet). This new Double-CD set, subsequently titled "Expériences musicales de Jean Dubuffet (II)", collects the remaining 11 pieces from the original box and thus makes the reissue of Dubuffet’s musical experiments complete and available to the public again. As for the previous CD, the original master tapes preserved by the Dubuffet Foundation were used, and we have not tried to artificially ‘enhance’ the sound quality of these recordings. Dubuffet’s music is contained as raw and uncompromising as he recorded it more than 50 years ago. We also decided to publish again the main text about Dubuffet’s musical experiments written by himself in 1961, but it is here completed by Ilhan Mimaroğlu’s account of his discovery of Dubuffet’s music. The Turkish composer, who lived in New York, was in contact with the artist since 1965 and helped a lot for the diffusion of Dubuffet’s music in the USA.” - Rumpsti Pumsti.

Title: Coucou Bazar
Format: Double CD
Label: Sub Rosa
Country: Belgium
Price: $22.00
"CD1 features Ilhan Mimaroglus soundtrack for Jean Dubuffets articulated painting exhibition Coucou Bazar, which opened at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City on May 16, 1973. This was released on LP via Ilhan Mimaroglus legendary avant-garde Finnadar label in 1973 -- and never reissued before. CD2 features Jean Dubuffets soundtrack of the Coucou Bazar show presented in Turin from June 16 to July 15, 1978 (based on Dubuffets music recordings from 1961 and 1973-1974). This music has previously only ever been released by the Foundation Dubuffet in a rare exhibition catalog from 2002. All music created for French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffets Coucou Bazar show. In 1965, Turkish composer Ilhan Mimaroglu, then residing in New York, sent a letter to Jean Dubuffet to explain his experiments, inspired by the series of the artists drawings. In 1971, when Dubuffet started working on a new form of "show," Coucou Bazar, he decided to submit his project to Mimaroglu. Mimaroglu released his music for Coucou Bazar in 1973 under the title: Electronic Music for Jean Dubuffets Coucou Bazar, accompanying the first version of the show presented at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, from the 16th of May to the 29th of July 1973, and the second version at the Grand Palais in Paris, from the 2nd of November to the 1st of December 1973. Following these first two versions of Coucou Bazar, Dubuffet quickly envisioned a third version. This third version was finally produced in Turin in 1978, thanks to the FIAT company. And this time, it was accompanied by Dubuffets music. Anna Sagna, the choreographer of this third version, took care of editing the tapes from 1961 and 1973-1974 into a collage. Includes a 40-page booklet." - Sub Rosa.

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