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Title: Rats Dont Eat Synthesizers
Format: LP
Label: Akuphone
Country: France
Price: $28.00
"Akuphone in collaboration with Annihaya present Rats Dont Eat Synthesizers, the long-awaited second album by The Dwarfs Of East Agouza. Hailing from the Agouza district of Cairo, Egypt, this brilliant trio consists of Alan Bishop (acoustic bass, alto sax), Maurice Louca (keyboards, drum machine), and Sam Shalabi (electric guitar). Following their acclaimed first album Bes (NAWA 005CD, 2016), this new full-length is composed of two hypnotic journeys: "Rats Dont Eat Synthesizers" and "Ringa Mask Koshary" which were recorded in Cairo in September of 2015. Mesmerizing electric guitar parts, frenetic beats, both supported by the deep sound of Alans acoustic bass create a new magical Egyptian soundscape. LP comes in a beautiful hot-foil stamped sleeve that magnifies the red metallic rats and a wonderful printed inner sleeve; Includes download code. 33 RPM. Edition of 1000." - Akuphone.

Title: Bes (Colored Vinyl)
Format: Double LP
Label: Nawa Recordings
Country: UK
Price: $31.00
Double LP version on 140-gram colored vinyl. Includes download code. "The Dwarfs of East Agouza are a trio from Cairo featuring Maurice Louca (Alif, Bikya), Sam Shalabi (Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect) and Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, The Invisible Hands, Alvarius B.). Born during 2012, the trios instrumental improvisation-based explorations are propelled by Loucas North African percussion loops and shimmering keys, Shalabis West African tinged free jazz guitar and grounded by Bishops driving Krautrock-style acoustic bass. Following many a late night jam session, the band recorded hours of material during a three-day studio run in April 2014. After compiling and mixing the album in Montreals Break Glass studio in July 2015, the refined result is Bes. From the lilt of the four-minute Ethiopian tinged "Resinance" to the 30-minute free-form epic "Museum of Stranglers", the album skirts the outer limits of a psychedelic soundtrack to a North African road trip." - Nawa Recordings.

Title: Both Sides Of The Curtain
Format: LP
Label: Unrock
Country: Germany
Price: $29.00
"Dadawahn Bishopesque taken to just another level. Beirut, Lebanon.... three major players: Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Invisible Hands, Alvarius B) Osama Shalabi (Karkhana, Shalabi Effect, etc.), and Maurice Louca (Karkhana, Lekhfa). Delicate improvised freeform recorded live in Beirut in spring of 2017. Improvisation on the highest level. Organic, never arty. Hot. Released in association with Mophradat. Cover art made exclusively for this release by Mariana Castillo Debal. Deluxe gatefold sleeve. Limited edition, one-time pressing." - Unrock.

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