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Title: Wet Cocomo
Format: Cass
Label: No Basement Is Deep Enough
Country: Belgium
Price: $12.00
"Bon Jovi gets poked in the eye on this bright green Venus-fly trap of a tape. Andrew Zuckerman (for he is the AURA) gives the intrepid listener enough clues to piece together a tasty collage of spiced-meat soundz. Bubbling electronics rub up rudely against Canadian stream-of-consciousness loops, found sound and beat damage forming a crunchy topping. Bite into it. Legalize it! The pace might be frantic but theres no loss of coherence buddy. Closer Gomers Frontispiece is a god- damn classy run through the churchyard at midnight. The silence is broken only by Owls snoring and the subtle clicking of their 360 degree heads. Give a hoot and slip AURA into your SOUL." -Goldsbury Debora.

"Ltd. to 55 hand-numbered copies and comes in a faux-leather antithesis of neo-Darwinism." - No Basement Is Deep Enough.

Title: On Rusticated Slant
Format: 12"
Label: Pleasence
Country: Canada
Price: $15.00
"Hand-etched center labels. Offset printed sleeve with cover art by Nikki Woolsey. Risograph/photocopied 32 page book with a laser cut cover and a silkscreened insert. 
Mastered by Brandon Hocura at Polyphasic Studios. 
Edition of 300. Tad Michalak (Burn Down The Capital), from Offerings: "Andrew Zukerman of Gastric Female Reflex fames curates an intricate & finely tuned landscape of auditory fart jokes and avant-gardism on his first LP as Fleshtone Aura. We are bombarded by the warm energy of a high speed cut & paste dance mix, as if the frantic brain of a 5 year old had been asked to make an aural layout of his attention span, or some sort of table of contents for this LP. This chaos quickly ends with the feeling that all these sounds have been simultaneously thrown off the CN Tower & are falling aimlessly through space, silent before their imminent demise. In their absence, the remaining sounds rumble & clatter in a magnitude of space, its almost relaxing. A free jazz duet for motorcycle & percussion, gears twisting, ominous maneuvers in the dark. Sound crystalizes refracting in a house of mirrors. Piercing sine waves slice through mundanity, as this chameleon writhes at twitches. Bumping dance beats emerge out of human pauses, and carefully placed electro acoustic junk percussion. A piano note stretches into a harsh rumbling landscape of wind noise, fire crackles, scrapping metal and hushed squeals. The definitive sounds of a world post 2012 disaster. 
The 2nd side opens as a 1950s joke factory soundtrack. Classic rock riffs tango with child-ish bleeps & bloops in a bird like call & response. Similar to string of great jokes or slapstick film scenes Andrews collages gestate forward with an oddly nostalgic undertone. Abrasive screeches and sweeps lead to luscious and decadent tidbits of familiarity, unsettling, as they are comforting in their commodified environment. Something like a recapping of a horse race meets postnasal drip. The bubbling voice of Jabba the Hutt dictates some unknown message from beneath the murk. Heart warming abstractions of a human reality." - Pleasence.

Title: Soliloquy for Lieven
Format: LP
Label: Pleasence
Country: Canada
Price: $34.00
Produced in association with Psychic Encumbrance. Hand painted labels/silk screened foil stamped covers. Numbered edition of 100. "Soliloquy For Lieven is a drastic turn for Toronto sound artist Fleshtone Aura. Instead of his signature sample heavy, tape loop collage psychedelia, Soliloquy For Lieven finds him swimming in an ambient ocean of minimalist synth and field recordings. These sounds, often associated with New Age music, are, when realized by Mr. Zukerman, altogether more ominous in tone; exploring a darker side of personal spirituality. Says the artist: "I recorded a bunch of it during a residency on Toronto Island. . . it was made as a sort of sonic impersonation of Dolphins into the Future, that woefully missed the mark." - Pleasence.

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