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Title: Make Haste/Free Birds
Format: LP
Label: A Room Forever
Country: USA
Price: $28.00
"Third volume to be released in this amazing new series. Koen Holtkamp is from Brooklyn, NY and runs the Apestaartje label and records as one half off the group Mountains. "Room Forever. Concept and art direction by Joshua Zucker. Photography by Kurt Mangum. A Room Forever is an art project realized as a curated series of limited edition 12" record LPs. Packaged in a custom-made box with high quality digital C-print covers and letterpressed inserts, each record features an original musical composition on one side and a field recording on the other. Pressed in one-time editions of 300, A Room Forever takes a unique and personal approach to the vinyl record LP. Conceived as a physical manifestation of the Roadside Picnic Radio podcast, the project draws upon the rich history and mythologies of audio recording to produce a final object of art that will resonate uniquely within each listener. More than anything, A Room Forever is inherently about the act of listening." Please note that these records are cut at the Dubplates & Mastering lab in Germany and are designed to be played at 45 r.p.m."- A Room Forever

Title: Gong Solo
Format: Cass
Label: Cassauna
Country: USA
Price: $11.00
"Koen Holtkamp presents Gong Solo on Cassauna. Holtkamp on the release: "These pieces are the first part of a series devoted to exploring the gong, so I decided to begin with a very simple approach. Mallet is literally the first recording I made with the gong on the day I acquired it, so it represents my initial reaction to the instrument. Its the same basic tempo struck with a single mallet but varying intensity and position of the mallet on the gong to get a wider range of dynamics and sound. Sine uses a single low frequency sine wave, tuned to a resonant frequency of the gong. Other than fading out the sine wave coming from the speaker behind the gong at the very end, I didnt make any changes during the recording, so the minute fluctuations that happen during the piece are purely from the gong interacting with the bass tone." "Mallet" was recorded in 2015 and "Sine" was recorded in 2016." - Cassauna.

Title: Field Rituals
Format: Double LP
Label: Type
Country: UK
Price: $22.00
"Field Rituals is the first solo album to come from Koen Holtkamp, an artist probably better known as one-half of ambient duo Mountains. Based in Brooklyn, Koen created the album slowly and as a love letter of sorts, taking in delicate field recordings and using them like faded photos, representing his distinct memories of the people and places he chanced upon. Taking cues from the classic ambience of Brian Eno and fusing it with the instrumental subtlety of Swedens Tape, Koen has come up with an aural book on his subject matter. Each track feels entwined in the next and feels like a part of something much bigger. Sure weve heard field recordings, synthesizers and guitars before, but rarely have these instruments been injected with such a lightness of touch and with such a delicate open ear. Each listen reveals more, like peeling back layers of onion skin -- take the albums epic centerpiece "Sky Flowers" for example, which blends slow-moving synthesizers with good-natured environmental recordings and shimmering strings. The result is explosive somehow, with the grandeur more usually exploited by Arvo Pärt being framed with a distant electronic ambience. The slow-burning pace is probably the single most important facet and reveals an artist at ease with his musical choices, something unusual in a genre brimming with young hopefuls. A good comparison might be Stars Of The Lid, but Koens music is more organic and more humble somewhat than the ex-Texan duo. This is a look into Holtkamps most personal of works. Double LP version. Includes two vinyl-only remixes by Aubrey Lowe and Xela." -Type

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