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Title: Fog Study
Format: Cass
Label: Canti Magnetici
Country: Italy
Price: $9.00
Edition of 100. “An inner study of fog. A slow descent through a hazy interior lined with various horns, scraps of breath, looped feedback, and layers of tape hiss. Matthew P. Hopkins (Australia, 1978) is an artist based in Melbourne, working with sound, visual art, and writing. His audio work sits loosely within the realm of concrete music.” - Canti Magnetici.

Title: Blue-Lit Half Breath
Format: LP
Label: Penultimate Press
Country: UK
Price: $26.00
"Matthew P. Hopkinss Blue-Lit Half Breath, his second full-length for Penultimate Press, presents a curious and compelling listen that harnesses his deeply personal and paranoid vision into the ultimate beauty/horror object. Since the mid-2000s Hopkins has distinguished himself as master of multiple musical forms including bent song, freeform concrète, improvised electronics, and techno. Under his own name he has produced a most singular take on abstracted voice, feedback, field recordings, and found sounds. With Blue-Lit Half Breath Hopkins furthers his domestic inquiry into subconscious sounds with a series of vignettes that hover between hissing clunk, atmospheric creep, and improvised piano refrains. Among all this the voice of Hopkins appears throughout as a shadowy narrator delightfully disturbing the sonic play. Blue-Lit Half Breath is a late-night-oil-burning masterpiece that resides within a zone orbiting its own logic. 180-gram LP in glossy sleeve. Edition of 500." - Penultimate Press.

Title: Calls
Format: Cass
Label: Thalamos
Country: Greece
Price: $8.00
“After his remarkable "Blue Lit-Half Breath" (Penultimate Press,2016) the Melbourne based artist returns with "CALLS", his new & first solo work for THALAMOS. 11 imaginary calls / 11 imaginary worlds... Would you take this call? We couldnt present this work better than using the artists quote on his release.” "CALLS presents 11 improvised pieces recorded on a reel-to-reel machine throughout 2015 and 2016. Employing a mixed bag of source material and a half drafted vocal approach, these 11 tracks explore the notion of contact calls, which are irregular, non-specific sounds many social animals make to maintain contact within a group. The group in this instance includes more than just other members; an expanded cast of objects, figures, nature, and works of art act as the recipients of these calls. There is some sort of dialogue between myself as the caller, and this conglomerate of recipients, but it is not normal talking. Im not asking questions, responding to requests, or reacting through sound in any way – just simply keeping in contact.” - Matthew P. Hopkins.

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