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Title: Mainliner Sonic
Format: LP
Label: Assommer
Country: USA
Price: $20.00
"Psychedelic Solid Free Attack Group, Mainliner, were and will always be the worlds most powerful Speed-Freak psychedelic rock outfit. One of many concept groups containing both Nanjo Asahito(High Rise) and Kawabata Makoto(Acid Mothers Temple), Mainliner was a Psychedelic Power-Trio using 60s punk formula to create a solid foundation for "motor psycho" guitar-solo exploration, Ultra Cool echo vocals, and beyond free-jazz drum energy. Typical of Nanjos production, Mainliner is the quintessential blown-out Fuzz band, using crushing distortion across the entire mix, killing fidelity but greatly enhancing the intensity and liveness of the listening experience. Mainliner Sonic, the bands 3rd album, is the most sonically destroyed of all. Released on CD by Charnel in 1997, Assommer is proud to resurrect this long out of print noise relic onto 12" clear vinyl. Limited to 500 copies" - Assommer.

Title: Psychedelic Polyhedron
Format: CD
Label: Fractal
Country: France
Price: $19.00
"First CD reissue of the long time deleted Mainliners second album featuring the legendary heavy psychedelic trio : Asahito Nanjo (bass, vocal), Makoto Kawabata (guitar), Tatsuya Yoshida (drums). Warning : including an unreleased 10 minutes ultra killer track as bonus. An absolute must for all fans of this unique Japanese Underground scene from the late 90s." - Fractal.

Title: Mellow Out
Format: LP
Label: Riot Season
Country: UK
Price: $28.00
"Mellow Out is, perhaps, THE classic Japanese underground album. Since it was first released in 1996 on the now-defunct Charnel Music label, its legend has grown and grown, and is still talked about by lovers of all things loud, noisy, and Japanese as the definitive Japanese noise-rock statement. Upon release it was instantly dubbed "the pinnacle of achievement for guitar-driven, brain-crushing madness," and with good reason. Rarely has an album contained such fierce/brutal battering, and speaker-shredding, in-the-red levels. Mainliner were a Japanese trio consisting of Asahito Nanjo (High Rise), Makoto Kawabata(Acid Mothers Temple), and Hajime Koizumi. Originally released on CD back in 96 on Charnel, the pressing quickly disappeared and had been unavailable until Riot Season re-released it in 2003 in a limited CD and vinyl run, both of which sold out quickly. With the 2013 rebirth of Mainliner, now dubbed Kawabata Makotos Mainliner, the time felt right for a re-release of the much sought-after vinyl. So here it is, on the back of excellent press on their Revelation Space (REPOSE 036CD/LP) comeback album. This vinyl pressing is limited to 500 copies for the world and comes in two (250 of each) translucent colored vinyl editions. The music has been remastered and the sleeve artwork has been tweaked from the original vinyl pressing, too -- now with 350gsm card sleeve with metallic silver ink print." - Riot Season. Highly recommended!

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