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Title: On The Edge
Format: LP
Label: Alter
Country: UK
Price: $23.00
“Philadelphia native and arch noise provocateur M Ax Noi Mach aka Robert Francisco presents On The Edge, his first full-length LP since 2010s In The Shadows. Recorded once again with the help of Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Power Trip, Cold World, et al.) at Salomons Gate in 2014, this record chronicles some of M Ax Noi Machs heaviest, most intense recordings to date; their minimal, bare immediacy comes from primal desires brought to a boiling point in the US city he calls his home. "M Ax Noi Mach has always been a primal endeavour," Francisco told Noisey in 2015, "and it definitely comes from a private place. Ive always had a fire inside of me; Ive always had a feeling that Ive had to release. Pure intuition. Pure rage, the animal let out of the cage." Musical touchstones on this eight-track album move from Nurse With Wound through Prurient and SPK. Its an unholy, clamorous din spewed up from the bowels of hell. Its the industrial trepanning of your psyche. The crunchy distortion of "Walking At Night," album highlight "Second Glance," and "Indulgence" deal in anguished, hateful vocals, with words spat out like flames of fury. Then theres the relentlessly abrasive drone of "Surrounded," the muted, glossolalia-like mutterings of "American Child," and the warped synth poetics of "White Heat"; all in all, a visceral, brutal record that absolutely refuses to let up. The shadowy Robert Francisco has been a vital artist in the US underground since the late 1990s. He has done time in the power electronics unit Angeldust as well as Veiled (with Arnau Sala of Exoteric Continent and the Anòmia label.) But M Ax Noi Mach is the nexus of his poetic, visual, and sonic pursuits; his discography stretches back to 1999 and his immensely powerful live show has won the project legendary status in electronic music circles across Europe and the US. The defining principle of M Ax Noi Machs sound is that it has resisted easy genre categorization, remaining a singular rock through waves of American underground culture; in it, the shattered pieces of several strategies of urban, extreme musics cohere in a way that only Francisco can envision.” - Alter.

Title: One Deep
Format: 10"
Label: Ozonokids
Country: Spain
Price: $14.00
"A gap between Rap/Club Music, Noise, Power-Electronics and Stand-up Comedy. Influenced by the likes of Dj Screw, Baltimore Club, Puerto Rican Dancehall music and the South Philadelphia city urban decay. Over 20 minutes of pure, filthy harsh dance-hole mayhem. The cover is a five inks silk-screened light blue cardboard wrapped up in a plastic bag with insert. Art by: Robert Francisco." -Ozonokids

Title: In The Shadows
Format: LP
Label: White Denim
Country: USA
Price: $15.00
"M AX NOI MACH is Philadelphia-based artist, poet and musician ROB FRANCISCO. As M Ax Noi Mach, Francisco channels his most personal experiences, desires and paranoia into a foreboding world of night, chasing the listener into a maze of back alleys and city tunnels. Harsh club beats mingle with power-electronic squall, convulsing like a Baltimore club deep within the seventh ring of Hell. Combined with Franciscos menacing vocals, its a singular statement within the world of noise. Through these nine tracks, we are reminded of artists as varied as Intrinsic Action, Atari Teenage Riot, DJ Assault, Mammal, German Shepherds, Schleimer K, Brainbombs, and Macronympha, but M Ax Noi Mach is its own beast entirely." -White Denim

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