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Artist: MICH, LUDO
Title: The Fluidium
Format: Cass
Label: Beniffer Editions
Country: Canada
Price: $10.00
"Fluxus pioneer Ludo Mich new compositions for Beniffer Editions adds to the labels expanded interest in performance art sound recordings. The A side documents one raw vocal recording passed from Ludo Mich to Kiyoharu Kuwayama. Kuwayama adds reeds and electronics to create a paranoid environment for a cathartic Mich vocal take. The B Side is the title track for the tape. This documents a performance at Gallery Dagmar De Pooter in Antwerp. Fluidium is a sparse vocal meditation with assistants playing saxaphone and synths. Sounds like a confused alien looking for directions on a new planet. Tape comes in a hand cut cigarette style box with four smaller foldouts that contain photos of Mich and written documentation. The inside is a photo of Mich during the fluidium performance. Edition of 100." -Bennifer.

Artist: MICH, LUDO
Title: Materialization Of The Intangible
Format: 7"
Label: Dead Mind
Country: Netherlands
Price: $6.00
"Ludo Mich is a notorious fluxus-artist from Antwerp, Belgium known for his holography know-how, surrealistic video work and surprising live-performances. Just in time for his 70th birthday we are pleased to release a 7” with 2 recent pieces. First one is a duet with American co-madman Crank Sturgeon. The second is a registration of a live performance with Ludo improvising with a group of likeminded vagabonds at the Hysteryland festival. Comes with insert, limited to 200 copies." - Dead Mind.

Artist: MICH, LUDO
Title: Music From Films Ludo Mich
Format: LP
Label: Ultra Eczema
Country: Belgium
Price: $26.00
"ludo mich is belgiums most hyper active fluxus artist, performer, painter, filmmaker and visitor of the eleventh dimension, though he is best known for his sixties and seventies trash films such as LYSISTRATA (loosely based on a play by greek poet aristophanes, starring; the half of antwerps 60s scum scene in the nude), SATURNUS (black and white trash drama about life on saturnus filmed with a self made fish eye lens) and DEUS EX MACHINA (hyperneurotic b&w scratch close up). this lp collects LUDO MICHs self made soundtracks for SATURNUS - the film (made in 1971, fucked up soundsculptures, heavy tape machines, non stop sax outbursts, and african poetry), SATURNUS - the performance (filmed at the LUDO MICH festival 1971 at gallery "de zwarte panter", the soundtrack for this film is a heavy psychedelic pre punk scream and shout blubber) and DEUS EX MACHINA (this soundtrack was recorded in 1966 using tape machine, elastics and voice only, and was originally used for ludo michs doctor jekyll and mister hyde performance). three great time documents recorded in 1966 and 1971, bizarre psychedelic yelling, tape delay machines, free jazz saxophones, glass, etc.. some parts of this record sound like heavy guitar improv or minimal voice farts, fact is that i cant think of other music from that time FROM ANTWERP that sounds as bizarre and outrageous as this.. limited to 300 copies, the cover designs are 2 blown up film stills from SATURNUS." - Ultra Eczema.

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