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Title: Haikagura (灰神楽)
Format: Double CD
Label: Art Into Life
Country: Japan
Price: $29.00
"The New Blockaders and Nobuo Yamada released a collaborative album, “Prickle/Crevice” in 2005. They sent sound materials back and forth over the past nine years to create these latest collaborations.
Two titles will be released simultaneously. The “81/44” LP is credited to Richard Rupenus & Nobuo Yamada; while the 2CD set “Haikagura” uses their group names, The New Blockaders & Artbreakhotel.

Rusting metal junk, discarded as trash by a world that saw no value in it, but when filled with blood, flesh and bone it can be transformed into potent sources of energy. Those chunks of energy are designed to rouse once more our savage souls, to drag us out of our comfortable everyday reality into an imaginary world. TNB present us with a choking, vacuum-like, hermetically sealed space where you utterly lose touch with your senses, whereas ABH dwell with our senses then push them towards freedom.

The cover art is a classical, elegant portrait photo by Rupenus which has then been walked over and spat on by Yamada. Package consists of a long box, containing a handmade ‘objet’ card made of scrap metal (each one is different in shape and design) and a twelve-page booklet of artwork by the two musicians. Limited edition of 250." - Art Into Life

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