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Title: Elegant Daze: 1979-1986
Format: LP
Label: Captured Tracks
Country: USA
Price: $16.00
"The enigma of Nick Nicely has long been causing frustrations for his fans, since the release of DCT Dreams/Treeline out on his own imprint Voxette in 1980. He stands out as a highly influential figure in psychedelic 80s music, despite his relatively small number of releases. Captured Tracks is out to help these fans by reissuing a collection of his songs dubbed Elegant Daze." - Captured Tracks.

Title: Sleep Safari
Format: LP + CD
Label: Tapete
Country: Germany
Price: $24.00
Includes CD. "Sleep Safari is the new album from indie electronic artist Nick Nicely. The first single "Ghostdream", labeled as "Absolutely gorgeous" and "Euphoria" by BBC6, heralds new horizons for psych legend. Sleep Safari goes further into electronics while continuing the artists psychedelic journey, creating a unique pop juxtaposition. Theres also all the usual twists and turns, tuneful inventions and abstractions so revered after Nicelys previous releases on Captured Tracks, Cherry Red, EMI, and Burger Records. Further to the success of "Ghostdream", with album release and gigs in addition to his forthcoming Hollywood soundtrack debut, 2017 will be quite a year for him. Nick has often looked beyond the obvious in matters electronic from early electro-psych fantasies like "DCT Dreams" (1981) and "Hilly Fields" (2012) through to his acclaimed second album, 2014s eerie epic Space Of A Second. "Utterly remarkable . . . profoundly psychedelic" --Clash Magazine. Tapete Records present the latest chapter in Nicks sonic journey. Sleep Safari is an homage to unconsciousness, lyrically exploring sleeps mysteries through a surrealist eye. It opens with the line "3am, you wake, the dream begins". Suddenly youre underwater, hold your psychic breath... its a Sleep Safari. Includes a remix by Grasscut." - Tapete.

Title: Psychotropia
Format: LP
Label: Tenth Planet
Country: UK
Price: $23.00
"Hilly Fields (1892) was described by the NME upon its release in 1982 as the best psychedelic record made since the 60s. Both sides of that cult classic, together with Nicks first single D.C.T. Dreams, are now joined by nine outtakes of similar vintage to form the astonishing Psychotropia, 47 minutes of psychedelic otherness -- imagine being trapped in a Picnic At Hanging Rock-style Victorian psychedelic time-warp. 1,000 numbered copies, 190 gram vinyl." - Tenth Planet

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