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Title: Hypertension Classics, Vol 2
Format: 4CD Box Set
Label: Harbinger Sound
Country: UK
Price: $32.00
"Putrefier aka Mark Durgan has been an active member, albeit below the radar, of the U.K. noise scene since the inception of Putrefier back in 1986. Firstly, starting with his own Birthbiter label which as well as cassettes also was one of the first distribution services to start importing ZSF, Selektion and many Japanese oddities into the UK.  Keeping a low-profile has enabled Putrefier to work at his own pace and keeping to his own vision. Throughout the last twenty years records and cassettes have been limited but this latest release should be the start of a fresh outburst of activity. His recordings have turned up on labels such as Broken Flag, Artware, MSBR, RRR and more. This boxset though is the latest release on Harbinger Sound a label with whom he has had a working relationship with now for many years. It features the long out-of-print "Hypertension Classics" double 7" which was sold at shows in japan during the year 1999 only, plus over four hours worth of quality recordings dating back to 1996 but with most constructed during the 1999 - 2001 years. If you want pointers think of the possibilities of good Voice Crack,  the INA-GRM extremities & "Crash for Hi-Fi" -era Merzbow being dropped into a pinball machine ! Yes, it is that good !   After many shows alongside the likes of Ramleh, The New Blockaders, Merzbow, Pain Jerk, Incapacitants, MSBR, Thirdorgan, Emil Beaulieau. Morphogenesis, Schimpfluch Gruppe / R&G, and many others , Putrefier should be embarking on an East Coast tour of the USA during April 2006 alongside Smell & Quim, Onomatopoeia & Deepkiss 720." - Harbinger Sound.

Title: Black Bramble
Format: Cass
Label: Hate Song
Country: Japan
Price: $12.00
"The latest work by Mark Durgan (Birthbiter, Broken Flag, A part-time member of TNB). Scrappin metal noise blast. Limited to 60 copies. Each copy numbered." - Hate Song

Title: Outer Bounds Of Sound: Solar Dragging
Format: LP
Label: Noiseville
Country: USA
Price: $17.00
"The last LP in the Outer Bounds LP series from Englands premiere power electronics noise outfit, Putrefier. Most known for his releases on Broken Flag, this album is intense. Edition of 300 with hand made cover." -Noiseville

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