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Title: 2 Radio Solos
Format: Cass
Label: Freedom In A Vacuum
Country: Canada
Price: $15.00
"This incredible document, inseparable from the exact time and place it was created, tunes in to the culture of airwaves and atmospheric frequencies present across the shortwave dial in August 1980. The results, both time-capsule and moody electronic composition, sound something like the Sublime Frequencies Radio Series if it was performed by David Tudor or like Holger Czukays contemporaneous radio experiments, if he was jamming solo, without Can." - Polyphasic Recordings.

  "These 2 short-wave pieces are both played continuous improvisations. There was no editing, no post-facto electronic alteration. The sounds were found by paying intense attention to fate tuning in and out between stations, changing bands, bass, treble and volume. The radio played is a circa 1962 Normede. The gradual change in pitch and speed on SHORT WAVELENGTH is an accident: batteries were losing power during the recording. The tape were made at night in a remote North Canadian cabin lit by a kerosene lamp." - From the liner notes by Michael Snow. Original copies of this 1988 release.

Title: Musics For Piano, Whistling, Microphone And Tape Recorder
Format: Double LP
Label: Song Cycle
Country: UK
Price: $42.00
“Musician, visual artist, composer, writer, and sculptor Michael Snow is also one of the worlds most highly acclaimed experimental filmmakers. In 1975 he released this album under the record company Chatham Square. The label was founded by the owner of Michael Snows gallery, the Bykert Gallery, which also issued the first Philip Glass recordings. This reissue is released in collaboration with Michael Snow. 180-gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve.” - Song Cycle.

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