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Artist: STALAG
Title: Secrets/Date Limite De Vente
Format: 7"
Label: Cameleon
Country: France
Price: $9.00
"Reissue of the very rare french single punk of 1981 by this group of Bordeaux. 300 copies."

"It all begins in the spring of 1978 when Kick, singer of Strychnine friend of Thierry (Heinenken at the time), presents him two of his friends, one bassist, other drummer: Richard Brousse and Jean de Rivière. Vincent "Tungstène" Simonacci, a student of Chinoi ( in the punk group Coral de la Teste-De-Buch) is recruited after working hard to impress his examiners.... According to legend, Beber, who had a superb bass that he had never played in his life, investigated the repertoire in a few days.

...In this destroy movement are the occasional punks, students of Archi and Fine Arts lovers of Andy Warhol, and the most authentic, more titillated of the castagne. The latter feed the darkest face of the group. Stalag becomes identifiable for institutions that call it "disturbance to public order". Some concerts are canceled in prevention. It is as much the excesses as the ultra-realism of the revolutionary message that make Stalag a historical group. " - excerpt from the book Bordeaux Rock(s) by Denis Fouquet (via Google Translate).

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