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Title: karami motsureta uchuu no hate de, itosezu Katamusubi 1988-1993
Format: CDR
Label: Erinyes
Country: Japan
Price: $12.00
Edition of 36 copies. 2009 release featuring Nobu/Wataru Kasahara (Embudagonn 108), Ichiro Kawamoto, and Toshiya Ishida. Recordings dated 1988-93.

"Nobu Kasahara is perhaps better known as Wataru Kasahara, a visual artist whose point of organ, scatological and obsessive work inhabits the same putrefaction as Dernier Cri or the material art of Andy Bolus. As Embudagonn 108, Kasahara has expelled a curious catalog of sounds - shortwave, room event, organ malfunction.... Embudagonn 108 confuses, infuriates and incites the listener towards action.... Kasaharas work features the same arch nihilism on display in Violent Onsen Geisha...." - Vitrine.

"I listen to various music. I am not so interested in a lot of stylized drone music and the harsh noises. These sounds are agreeable. I keep away ease. I want to stimulate the sense by uncomfortable. I am not basically interested in drone music and the harsh noises though there is exceptions such as Hermann Nitsch and I.Dumitrescu. These are music that pierces, is moved to karma, and purifies it and is repeated. However, I like music that the uniqueness of the brain of the person who makes the sound can be looked and know. They think that they fight unconsciously against karma by the peculiar brain. Selten Gehorte Musik. Caroliner Rainbow. Psycodrama. Suckdog. Costes. Sarenco. Wolf Vostell. Wild Man Fischer. J.S. Bach. Colette Magny. The Ritualistic School Of Errors. Hovlakin. Zurich 1916. They are making the work that demonstrates the primitive magic of music though music is dismantled. And, they are a one and only people not to flatter nobody. Their music gives me courage." - Wataru Kasahara (VICE interview).

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