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Title: Kilo
Format: Double LP
Label: Blast First Petite
Country: UK
Price: $33.00
"Double LP version. Mika Vainios first solo album for Blast First sees him return to his classic power electronics/heavy beats approach that made Pan Sonic garner a worldwide reputation. The album developed from Vainios recent live sets to make 10 tersely-titled tracks inspired by the shipping container industry." - Blast First Petite.

Title: Rasputin 3000
Format: 7"
Label: Comfortzone
Country: Austria
Price: $13.00
"Mika Vainio, currently based in Berlin, is one-half of the groundbreaking minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic. Before starting Pan Sonic in the beginning of the 90s, Mika Vainio has played electronics and drums as part of the early Finnish industrial and noise scene. His solo works, under his own name and under aliases like Ø, are known for their analog warmth and electronic harshness. Producing either abstract drone works or minimal avant techno, Vainio always creates unique, physical sounds." -Comfortzone.

Title: Mannerlaatta
Format: Triple LP
Label: Ideal Recordings
Country: Sweden
Price: $29.00
"Mannerlaatta ("Tectonic Plate") is Mika Vainios soundtrack for a "74 minute Lettrist film made entirely without a camera" by Finnish film maker Mika Taanila; his third following their previous collaborations: 2002s A Physical Ring and 2015s Return Of The Atom (the soundtrack was released by Blast First Petite in 2016 as Atomin Paluu - PTYT 086CD/LP, 2016). The music was written very early on in the films two-and-a-half year development, and subsequently held a strong sway over the rhythm of the films editing and visual narration - which takes place as a series of black and white images made from photocopying various travel documents, which were later photographed onto 35mm reversal film in a darkroom, and overlaid with text by poet Harry Salmenniemi. As Vainio tends to use a set-up of a homebuilt kit, unchanged from his very earliest productions, each new release is effectively a subtle alteration/refinement of his brutalist but tactile process of creation. And, going by that timeline of events, wed speculate that Mannerlaatta was conceived somewhere in the wake of his staggering Kilo (PTYT 076CD/LP, 2013) and the much sweeter Konstellaatio side as Ø, which is roughly where its aesthetics also lie. The 50 minute score breaks down to six sections, each exploring the full frequency spectrum of his patented, greyscale tonal palette, largely swerving a fixed rhythmic meter to occupy a weightless, out-of-reach mid-ground that seduces us headlong into his chasmic designs and best suits the black and white film imagery. Key to the recordings appeal - as with most Vainio gear - is that peripheral sense of spatial dynamic and his unpredictable manipulation of amplitude; whether dangling the listener over abyssal sub-bass dimensions, needling with icy prongs, or occasionally alleviating the tension with teasing pads which evaporate back into the æther as though they were never there, ultimately leaving the listener at rapt and at his mercy for the duration. Mastered by Denis Blackham; Cover design by Nullvoid." - Ideal Recordings.

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