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Artist: XNO BBQX
Title: Alpha-Gal
Format: Cass
Label: C/Site
Country: USA
Price: $5.50
“xNOBBQx is a nearly impossible band to pin down. For over a decade they have been making a racket down in the Southern Hemisphere. Their earliest output, like their Siltbreeze released long-player, Sunshine Of Your Love, has a frantic element, everything in the red, and nothing but wild, recklessness. Though Nick Dan still bashes the drums, and Matthew Earle still hums, thuds, and buzzes the guitar, more recent releases have seen the band refine the sound into more hypnotic, albeit divisive, tunes. And perhaps divisive is the word for their style of music; for every possible melody the listener thinks they have discovered the clang-and-smack of the next moment erases it as quickly as it appeared. And for every possible point of reference the listener elicits, an abrupt conclusion wipes away the very notion of influence. xNOBBQx are a stunning band, who have captured audiences around the globe with their unique take on rock music. C/Site is very proud to bring a rare stateside release, not to mention the bands first since 2014. Ready yourself for the 46-minute journey of Alpha-Gal, in all its tape warbled goodness.” - C/Site.

Title: Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010 / Happy, Wellington, 2009
Format: Cass
Label: Dungeon Taxis
Country: New Zealand
Price: $7.50
"Flipped reprisal of that 2009 New Zealand incursion, this live Tokyo/Wellington diptych steps to the mic in unruly, xenolinguistic fashion, its squashy drums and guitar fission the most munchy and hyperventilated of all Matt Earle and Nick Dans released programmes. Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, 2010s counterpoint creature squall dovetails with rhizomatic kit blare and toothed glissandi in horn-like confusion. Happy, Wellington, 2009 is such an unreal Bolero – like crazy tormenting 4/4s, gamelan detunes, and poltergeist tempo hassle." - Dungeon Taxis.

Artist: XNO BBQX
Title: Skewer
Format: 10"
Label: Golden Lab
Country: UK
Price: $11.00
"Idiot-savant-garde drums/guitar duo from Australia whose first LP came out on Siltbreeze to the attention of about seventeen people. Why not be the eighteenth? Just imagine how smug you can be knowing that pretty much all other people dont own this." - Golden Lab. 2009 release.

Artist: XNO BBQX
Title: s/t
Format: Picture Disc LP
Label: Pulled Out
Country: Australia
Price: $17.00
"hangin with the local cops?? xnobbqx throw a few snags on the barbie for this prime slab of high art. Your stomach may be rumbling at first glance of this delectable picture disc...but dont be fooled.. xnobbqx tear the place apart like 100 rookie cops high on sugar and caffeine having mistaken your bbq block party for the meth lab down the street, by the time they realize (end of the first side) its pork buns & sausage sandwiches all round. but wheres the cheese? after the second half cooked curried sausage you wont even care that you cant score any more, cuffed against the wall begging them to turn it over for another blast xNoBBQx summed by their fans on YouTube... Fuck! Turn it off, turn it off. Morons. this is shit.." - Pulled Out.

Artist: XNO BBQX
Title: Sunshine Of Your Love
Format: LP
Label: Siltbreeze
Country: USA
Price: $13.00
"XNo BBQX are hardcore vegans hailing from Sydney, Australia. Thats right--vegans; the only similarity Matt (guitar) and Nick (drums) share with Cream is a title. All you dairy lovers out there, keep your slowhands in plain sight. This will only take a second. Originally released some time back on the cassette-only label Breakdance The Dawn, Sunshine Of Your Love pricks up the ears in much the same way as a Han Bennink recording might, and left Siltbreeze wondering, whats left in that studio thats not broken? Answer: Only their will! Matt and Nick had played together a couple of times as part of Antipan (with Sumu and Anthony Guerra). On a day off, in a shed out back of a sharehouse in Newtown, the duo did a couple sets with computers and turntables with no records, but then Matt suggested Nick give the drums a go (hed played a full kit only once prior). They plugged into the cassette deck--left channel, guitar; right channel, mic under the floor tom--and played. Apart from minor adjustment of levels, the end result was basically that. The Philly beak doctors immediately procured rights to reissue the disheveled masterpiece on vinyl so that 500 (or fewer) not-yet-but-inevitable fans could bask in the warmth of its crud-o-phonic bullion. And here it is. Youre welcome. Citing both Harry Pussy and Mouthus as influences, XNo BBQX rocks with a lot of junk in their collective trunk, so of course Sunshine Of Your Love sounds like nothing (or everything) anyones heard before. Tom Lax had a steamroller squash his foot once. It hurt--a lot. Hes known pain, but this is a sensation like no other. XNo BBQX might not be a steamroller and youre definitely not Tom Laxs foot, but they have fists and Sunshine Of Your Love will gladly pound your ears into cauliflower if you let it..." -Siltbreeze.

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