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Artist: ZEV
Title: Eleven Mirrors to the Light
Format: CD
Label: Cold Spring
Country: UK
Price: $17.00
"ZEV completes an alchemical exploration of concord and dissonance that began with the cosmological equations of Sum Things (CSR 101CD, 2009) and then clasped the elemental quintet of air, water, fire, earth, and spirit in A Handful of Elements (CSR 182CD, 2013). Now, with Eleven Mirrors to the Light, ZEV plays with the intersection of light and dark, catching waves of luminescence between prisms and mirrors that fragment particles into shimmering washes of sound. ZEVs trademark percussion transforms into glistening soundscapes and drones, one part subterranean and another subatomic." - Cold Spring.

Artist: Z EV
Title: Live 03.01.86
Format: 10"
Label: Crippled Intellect
Country: USA
Price: $16.50
"Also by Zev, but from a historical perspective is a really beautiful 10": packed inside two metal plates which are stamped with Zev and the copynumber (of a total edition of 333 copies). ..this 10" features recordings made at the N.A.M.E. Gallery in Chicago in 1986. On the first side there is a rhythmic piece, which doesnt sound like it is kept in the same rhythm, but rather like an exploration of the sounds metal on metal can produce. Side B start with slow rumbling of metal sheets being rubbed with balls which built in a peaceful way. The second piece is fast drumming on metal piece - maybe better known as Zev trademark playing. A fine addition to the already vast catalogue of material by Zev of which much is no longer available. It could also serve as a fine introduction to his work, in case you missed him out in the eighties." - FdW. Insert tip-in signed by Z EV. Due to weight this counts as 5 items when figuring postage.

Artist: ZEV
Title: Production and Decay of Spacial Relations...
Format: Double CD
Label: Die Stadt
Country: Germany
Price: $26.00
...vs. Reproduction and Decay of Spatial Relations. "Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the very first Zev studio album which originally came out on Backlash in 1981, Die Stadt is proud to announce the re-release of Production and Decay of Spacial Relations for the first time on CD. It features the original seven tracks from the vinyl plus six recodings entitled Reproduction and Decay of Spatial Relations made by Zev in May/June 2005. Back in the day, Zev used to bring boxes over from Holland when he would come back to New York City which he would sell to Bleeker Bob (a famous record shop situated in the East Village of NY) who told him: this is the best industrial record ever and I sell it to every Japanese buyer who comes into the store. The CD is housed in a reproduction of the original LP (!) cover and comes with a special handmade insert. First edition of 500 copies. Total playing time: 79:57 min. The first edition of 500 copies also includes a bonus CD with never before released archive material all recorded in 1982." - Die Stadt.

Artist: ZEV
Title: Outer Bounds Of Sound: Zev
Format: LP
Label: Noiseville
Country: USA
Price: $21.00
"Outer Bounds Of Sound is an experimental LP series in an edition of 300 copies with a hand-made cover. Legendary percussion artist Zev combines his mystical sounds with recordings of old/odd religious recordings from the 70s." -Noiseville

Artist: ZEV
Title: as/if/when
Format: LP
Label: Sub Rosa
Country: Belgium
Price: $16.00
"Sub Rosa presents works by industrial music pioneer, ZEV. The physical vibrations of the objects in his works with both text and sound has been influenced by the Middle Eastern mystical system best known as Kabbalah, as well as -- but not limited to -- African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian rhythms, musics and cultures. He has studied Ewe music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala. From 1959-1965 he studied drumming with Arnie Frank, then Chuck Flores and then Art Anton at Drum City in Van Nuys, CA. In 1963, he abandoned Judaism and began his life-long relationship with World religions and esoteric systems. 1964 saw the beginning of his initial attempts at writing poetry and explorations of both two and three-dimensional artforms. After studying at CalArts from 1969-1970 with poets Emmett Williams and Michael S. Bell and writer/critic Sue-Ellen Case, he began producing works using the name S. Weisser, primarily concentrating on visual and sound poetries. In 1975, he was included in the "Second Generation" show at the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco. In 1976 he moved from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, ending up with a storefront studio on MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, pretty much midway between the headquarters of the Black Panther Party, (who dissolved that year), and the Hells Angels (still extant). A primary reason for this move was his association with the San Francisco Alternative exhibition space La Mamelle (run by Carl Loeffler and Nancy Evans). In 1977 he presented his first solo percussion performance under the project title "Sound of Wind and Limb." In 1978 he began developing an idiosyncratic performance technique utilizing self-developed instruments formed from industrial materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and PVC plastics. Critic John Buckley described his performances in this era: "the instruments are collections of objects ... strung together with ropes and swung at varying speeds and directions to produce a fairly astonishing range of pitches and timbres. And the moves the guy goes through to manipulate these instruments are, for grace and athleticism, strong stuff. ZEV is also interesting for the close correlation of visual and musical aspects, since the physical vibrations of the objects you see are the same as those picked up by the ears as sound. Also, since the rhythms of the work are dictated by the performers every and any movement, an inevitable integrity unifies the act." Here are two pieces from the artists early sound experiments: "As," recorded in 1978 at the KPFK radio station in Los Angeles, and "If," recorded at Savoy Tivoli in San Francisco. On clear vinyl." -Sub Rosa

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