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7K OAKS - Entelechy

Die Schachtel

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"This is the second full-length album by the experimental/free-jazz quartet 7k Oaks, live-recorded in concert at the InterAct Festival in Hasselt. This new release is at the same time a confirmation of their musical background as well as an exploration of new territories: about an hour of full-blast energy, with a variety of directions ranging from walls of electro-acoustic noise to free-jazz bursts, hypnotic rhythmic patterns and lyrical melodic themes. It is the entelechy of an acorn to be an oak tree: the music flows naturally through the tracks of the disc, thanks to the mastery of these outstanding performers, able to drive the listener amongst the unexpected twists of their music in order to appreciate every pleat of their timbre. In short, Entelechy has it all: Alfred 23 Harth's (Cassiber, Otomo Yoshihide New Jazz Quintet) blistering tenor squall, Fabrizio Spera's (Ossatura, Blast) limitless percussion, Luca Venitucci's (Zeitkratzer, Ossatura) ceaselessly inventive keys and Massimo Pupillo's (Zu, Original Silence) masterful bass creates, unquestionably, a masterpiece." - Die Schachtel .
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