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AUVINEN - Akkosaari

Editions Mego

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"Johannes Auvinen has been a one-man acid king for over a decade producing a wealth of acid and acid house under the moniker Tin Man. For this new release on Editions Mego, he navigates an entirely different zone. Drawing on the history of electronic music, Akkosaari is a transcendental journey far from the sensual frenzy of sweaty acid drenched dancefloors we are accustomed to with his work. Akkosaari lies in the middle of the kosmic komische of Ash Ra Temple's "Jenseits", the weightless transcendentalism of Eliane Radigue's Trilogie De Morts, and the more glacial output of the Sähkö catalogue. The pace is gentle as the listener is drawn further into a world unlike the one we inhabit, these machines are more second life than one's emulating real life. The fantastic potential for audio induced visions are at play in this adventure in music as mind travel. On "Kyläläiset Tanssii" a measured pulse acts as a means of navigation before "Susi" spirals out clouds of sound. By the time you get to "Kelluminen" you are deeply within an unfamiliar state prior to landing in the heavenly plateau of "Akkosaari". Throughout Akkosaari, you are bathed in enrapturing and enveloping mists of psychedelic haze which take the listener on a vivid mental journey. This is intoxicating head music unfolding like an astral ascension and like any trip warrants repeat visitation. Composed by Auvinen. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering, June 2020. Cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnitstelle, Berlin, June 2020." - Editions Mego .
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