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CAEDMON - A Chicken To Hug

Caedmon'S Return

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"Amazing second Caedmon album from 2010 never properly distributed, A Chicken To Hug. An intriguing, personal album; clearly Caedmon from the first note, but come of age. A 2010 album of twelve recently penned songs from Caedmon's original line up: Angela Webb (Naylor), Jim Bisset, Ken Patterson, Sam Wilson, and Simon Jaquet. The much-loved fragile female vocals, searing electric guitar licks, 'cello, mandolin, and bass remain from the '70s sound; now supplemented with accordion, drum kit, trombone, and whistle. 32 years on from their eponymous album Caedmon, the content of the songs is personal, poignant, and sometimes challenging, Acoustic acid folk, mixed, in well-judged doses, with jazz, soul, African and gospel groove." - Caedmon'S Return .
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