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Art Into Life

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"Jun Konagaya is best known as GRIM, but in 2012 he published a story and CD called 'Organ' about a young girl called Magnolia and a monster called Gamahead. Travel presents the second part of the story. Several years have passed and Magnolia has set out on a journey, where she records the many things she sees and hears. It is unclear whether her journey is real or imaginary, and as she wanders between dream and reality she stumbles across some ruins in the middle of a forest. Her feet carry her closer to the ruins, as though she is being summoned there. She then hears a woman singing underground.

Includes a 40-page booklet that illustrates Magnolia's adventures. Joint release between Art Into Life and Eskimo Records. Boxset. Limited edition of 300." - Art Into Life.
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