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LEAF PEEPERS - Lunchtime for Birdy

Feeding Tube

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""First graspable release by Leaf Peepers, a Massachusetts duo comprised of Turner Falls' Omeed Goodzari and Worcester's Nick Bisceglia. Omeed is well-known hereabouts as member of Donkey No No, and also for his solo recordings, which include the superb Zoltar Hid All the Locks / Minnows LP (FTR 349LP, 2018). Nick has recorded with his band Husks, and has also participated on sessions by Wendy Eisenberg and Chris Weisman among others. In fact, the both of them helped out on Chris's last album, Romantics. Be that as it may, the sound of the Leaf Peppers is located somewhere near the orthocenter of these references. Because Omeed is present, there is a distinct whiff of classic hippie paranoia, usually expressed via acoustic guitar figures that are both simple and complex at the same time. Meanwhile, the vocals display lots of the same weird pop displacement as the tuneage of Brattleboro's finest. Although it also seems as if there's a lot of speed manipulation on the vocal tracks, so that sometimes you'd swear you were listening to ghost-lassies singing about CIA operatives and monkey glands and various other topics. But whatever speed you hear it at, Lunchtime for Birdy is a trip. Rolling circles of guitar-chords, toots of the pan flute, with vocals and lyrics that range from softly lyrical to something that recalls the ecstatic-chaos of the Fugs. Prepare thyself to deal with lunch. As a miracle." --Byron Coley, 2020" - Feeding Tube Records.

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