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PARKER, WILLIAM - I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield

Aum Fidelity

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""I Plan To Stay A Believer is the definitive document of William Parker's The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield project, featuring fully charged extensions & expansions -- both music & text -- of selections from the soul music legend's immortal songbook by an equally mighty & masterful 8-piece band featuring Parker himself in supreme rhythm section communion with drummer Hamid Drake and pianist Dave Burrell. Vocals by the exquisitely gifted Leena Conquest & additional voice/poetry/powerful singing as well by legendary scribe/force Amiri Baraka in one of his greatest/last appearances on record. The horn section takes it to next level, too. Parker brought this ensemble to festival stages in Europe (and Chicago & New York) during the first decade of this new millennium; many of these sets were recorded and this presents the distilled concentrate thereof anew. Gospel-tinged uplift, luminous swing, tight soul grooves, and wholly lit free jazz are rousingly delivered with clear-eyed joy and righteous purpose. This work brings Mayfield's and Parker's positive messages of hope and fortitude in the face of seemingly endless tribulation firmly into the present moment, exultantly so and with total commitment. This first time on vinyl limited edition features all new cover art & insert with Parker's liner notes + a previously unreleased, exclusive to vinyl version of 'People Get Ready/The Inside Song' + a download card for full-resolution download of 7 additional tracks/80 minutes of this profound music. 'It's hard to imagine Curtis Mayfield being anything but flattered by the immense thought and planning that clearly went into these arrangements. To pull and stretch these songs so much and still preserve their essential identity is a true feat of art.' --Pitchfork" Housed in a gatefold sleeve; includes full-res download with 7 additional tracks." - Aum Fidelity.
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