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PROPHETAS - Reveal, Accept, Remember, Forget

Sucata Tapes

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"Having recently retired from his most prolific moniker Gonzo, Gonçalo F Cardoso keeps busy and plows ahead into an ominous 2020 with a new moniker/concept: Prophetas. Inspired by visionary/paranoid cult figures, gurus with delusions of grandeur, lonely, and idiosyncratic figures as symbols of hope/despair for the uncertain times of the new decade. Starting with ideas developed in the mid '50s: UFO paranoia, suburbia, Lemuria, space race, and going all the way to '80s excess, mall culture, collective consumerism, future memories finalizing laying the ground work for the new fake prophets of the 21st century, in the guise of silicon valley type bosses, Apple, Facebook -- the new cults -- all filtered through an overused '80s broken lens. Living and repeating the exact same age of dystopia paranoia as ever, Reveal, Accept, Remember -- and Forget." - Sucata Tapes .
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