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RAMBUTAN - Parallel Systems


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"Thirty-three audio collages created with original contributions from 69 artists from nine countries including members of Fugazi, Minutemen, Mission of Burma, Trumans Water, Sebadoh, Olivia Tremor Control, Reynols, Wolf Eyes, and a host of contemporary sound explorers. The alarmingly creative and industrious Eric Hardiman has anchored in Albany, NY a multi-decade hub of individual, collaborative and cross-pollinating experimental music activities and projects, recently manifested in the Sky Furrows (2020) and the Spiral Wave Nomads (2021), his ongoing CD series with John Olson, solo as Rambutan and complemented the prolific Tape Drift label he curates and runs. As Hardiman writes: "This project is a collection of collage works that I created during 2020 and early 2021. As a way to keep my mind busy and fend off the creeping dread of the pandemic, I invited a group of friends, acquaintances and musical heroes from across the globe to contribute an original recording. My task was to take the raw sounds and combine them in new and unexpected ways. I imagine each track as its own 'parallel system', a mysterious sonic world of its own. As the tracks began to emerge, I envisioned the various contributors working together in the same room in a true collaboration. Imagining these weird social and sonic juxtapositions helped guide the project. In the end, there were 69 contributors from nine different countries, spread across 33 tracks. Although many of the sounds have been edited, excerpted, mangled, and otherwise manipulated, my primary goal was to let the musical DNA and personality of each person shine through." Collage works created with original contributions from: Mike Barrett, Jeff Barsky, Frank Baugh, Sindre Bjerga, Andreas Brandal, Gayle Brogan, Mike Bullock, Fraser Burnett, Grant Capes, Jon Collin, Roberto Conlazo, Anla Courtis, Euan Currie, Phil Donnelly, Malcy Duff, Paul Fagoaga, Bob Fay, Tim Feeney, John Fernandes, Rob Forman, Glen Galloway, Jennifer Gelineau, Mike Griffin, Paul Haney, Ben Harbert, Claire Hardiman, Eric Hardiman, Graham Hardiman, Ray Hare, Ceylan Hay, Holland Hopson, A.F. Jones, Michael Kiefer, Campbell Kneale, Thomas Lail, Todd Lent, Brian Lucas, Walker Martin, Sandy Milroy, Melanie Ó Dubhsláine, John Olson, Andrew Paine, Arttu Partinen, Guy Picciotto, Jefferson Pitcher, Michael Potter, Peter Prescott, Chris Robert, Ali Robertson, Derek Rogers, Donna Savoy, Jon Schlesinger, Karen Schoemer, John Schoen, Mary Staubitz, Howard Stelzer, Steubs Rhian, Thompson Phil, Todd Antti Tolvi, Michael Troutman, Joe Tunis, Scott Verrastro, Russ Waterhouse, Mike Watt, Patrick Weklar, Matt Weston, Turner Williams, Peter Wright." - Sedimental.
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