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2013 Repress. "Former Beat Of The Earth leader Phil Pearlman assembled Relatively Clean Rivers in the early 70s and eventually recorded this excellent rural rock album in 1975. Although it should be easy to pigeonhole the sound of Relatively Clean Rivers, it is actually anything but. At times sounding like The Grateful Dead in all their American Beauty pomp, or CSNY circa D_ɬ©j_É Vu, this tight, richly talented ensemble produces an album of almost majestic quality. The sound is superb, and clearly no time or expense were spared to produce an album which is probably the most flawless snapshot of Californian 70s under ground music that you will ever here. Originally there were 2 pressings of this unique album, each of only 500 copies each, and this is the first time that this, or any of Pearlmans other recordings has been reissued. An album highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested in 70s West Coast music or simply top-notch music in general. Finally available on 180 gram vinyl once again, and comprehensively remastered using the latest 48-bit technology." - Phoenix.
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