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RIVET - On Feather and Wire

Editions Mego

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"Swedish producer and electronic enthusiast Rivet (Mika Hallbäck Vuorenpää, Malmö) joins the Editions Mego fold with a dynamic and diverse album that pivots between the punctuated pop of Ivan Pavlov's COH project, the chromatic slink of Chris and Cosey whilst also bearing a degree of fruit birthed from Hallbäck's home country Sweden in skewered pop such as The Knife. This is electronic music born from the worship of machines and the spirit of punk, mood music brooding with sophistication and subversive twists all underscored with a deep industrial pulse. Are these songs? Are these lyrics? Words melt as beat perpetually takes us deeper into flight. Interpretation is flung open as the audience are invited to gauge what on earth is going on here. Are "Sooty Wing Flecks" a minuscule species of half keyboard half vocoder chatter? Is "Gleitende Liebe" to be trusted or simply laying out a guide for disorientation? "Pearling Woes" is a queasy ballad sung by a robot on a very special comedown. "Keloid" knows exactly where the party can be now whereas Sodden Healer is an uber ride sans mask to destinations dark and unknown. Throughout this trip sharp snares punctuate ghost melodies as vocals rise and vaporize. Shadows hover the walls leaving holographic traces of the duality between fun and fear, the unexpected drifts diagonally across the audio plane teasing and taunting the listener in a unique blend of industrial, techno, pop, and experimental forms. On Feather and Wire is a deep absorbing trip through multiple moods, genres, and guises, as mysterious as it is engaging and one to ingest in a single sitting, lying back, sitting up, standing up and yes, even dancing. Let the angels and angles, the voices and distorted faces take shape before your mind. Who is "Ordine Kadmia"? What are they saying to me, here we go, on and on... With its haunted vocals, coded linguistics, and dark sensual propulsive atmosphere, On Feather and Wire is a sublime contemporary techno pop trip both psychedelic and subversive. Images by Dimitrios Bizios; Artwork by Nik Void. Written and produced by Mika Hallbäck Vuorenpää; Post-production by Mika Hallbäck Vuorenpää and Benny Liberg at Inkonst Studio Malmö; Mixed by Oscar Mulero at Dead Souls Studio Gijón; Mastered by Stephan Mathieu." - Editions Mego .
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