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SERVILE SECT - Stratospheric Passenger

Ecstatic Peace

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"This is an LP issue of a limited CD Servile Sect issued in 2007 on the Sounds of Battle and Souvenir Collecting label. Based in and around Humboldt, CA, Servile Sect are the true investigation of psychedelic dimensionality." "... bizarre, and hauntingly beautiful slab of alien black metal. Not sure what else to call it, it's definitely black metal, but it's weirdly blissy and electronic sounding, more like Alcest or Amesoeurs than old school grimnity, but even then, it's still weirder, like it must have been played by robots or insects, or some massive black metal machine assembled beneath the surface of some mysterious moon. You can almost picture some mechanical monstrosity, pieces of human flesh, various organs, somehow built into the machine's inner workings, everything grinding and sparking all in a Herculean effort to produce this glorious droning buzzing blackness." -- Aquarius Records" - Ecstatic Peace.
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