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BARN SOUR - Soap & Glue

Penultimate Press

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"Compendium coffin closer from Pat Klassen's Barn Sour project. A project where the batshit crazy defies the beautiful whilst relishing in unease. Animals appear as phantasms, humans expel intense emotional states. Borderline music and borderline funny this is not for the faint of heart. Soap & Gluecollages material from all six Barn Sour releases on a variety of labels, Staighre, Careful Catalog, 72 Fold Mane, etc. alongside a small sprinkling of exclusive material. The final Barn Sour release is the ultimate Barn Sour release and all you need to engage with one of the most twisted outfits to emerge from the underground in recent years." - Penultimate Press. 
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