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One Hand

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Edition of 150 numbered copies. Hand-drawn/collaged/assembled, silk-screened jacket with hype sticker. 2014 release.

"Fadensonnen are a Brooklyn/Vermont duo consisting of PD and RD. They have a full-length and a few EPs to their name, all self released, and have played a couple gigs a year. But theyve stayed under most radars cept for the more sophisticated ones (hello FMU). "Badlands" is their second full length, and their vinyl debut, and it strikes with the menace of IIIrd Gatekeeper-era Skullflower and the wasted sprawl of some of the PSF catalogs more punishing moments. The guitars are feral and upfront, the rhythm section is a murky brew of rumbling and pounding that fights to be heard above the squeal. This is a massive blast of dark psych amp-destruction. Play these 3 tracks loud at 45 RPM. For fans of Skullflower, Urthona, Fushitsusha, Les Rallizes and Celan. " - One Hand.

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