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KASAHARA, WATARU - Piano Solo 2009 + Unreleased Tracks

VLZ Produkt

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Limited edition CDR in a jewelry box type box, with printed insert. 

"Wataru Kasahara continues to gain ardent supporters both in Japan and overseas with his music activities and painting exhibitions at Embudagonn108 and Amenonuvoco.

A piano solo self-released in 2009 by Usahara, who started his music career in the 80's as an application of Primal Scream therapy.

This time, 3 unreleased tracks from 1988 and 1998 were added as bonuses, and reissued with a new binding.

“Projecting oneself onto the piano, dismantling and reorganizing the self through the performance itself, which accompanies direct violence to the piano as a whole, and the space-time in which this act is taking place, and the “core” that simply exists outside of them A document that seems to be confused and trying to confirm and correct the discrepancy that continues to arise between "I as I am." This is therapy before it is music, and it also has a ritual aspect aimed at the immediate liberation of consciousness (through the act of playing). "-Kusahara

This document, recorded with a cassette tape recorder, has an ambiguous sense of the times, combined with its muffled texture.

It reminds us of Kusahara sitting alone with a decaying piano left in the sun-drenched courtyard of an abandoned house.

Sometimes melancholic appears in the intense repeated blows, and the internal playing of the piano seems to gouge the inside of one's own body.

The performance, which is a form of therapy for oneself, invites the listener to confront another time and space that exists within them.

The bonus track has a very ambient texture, and has a tranquil and classical mood." - VLZ PRODUKT



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