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PREVOST, GREG 'STACKHOUSE' - Vintage Violence: Barbaric, Crude & Primitive 1975-1979

Mean Disposition

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LP version. Gatefold sleeve. "Vintage Violence: Barbaric, Crude & Primitive 1975-1979 is a selection of material Greg Prevost recorded with his past bands before forming the Chesterfield Kings. If you are a fan, you probably know that Greg Prevost played in different bands before forming the Chesterfield Kings. Only one of them, the Distorted Levels, released a 7" at the time, in 1978. But there were many more. You may have heard or read about mystery bands such as Mr Electro & The Void, The Cutdowns, Mr Electro & the Psychedelic Burnouts, etc. They all recorded profusely, but most master tapes eventually disappeared, in no less mysterious circumstances. Still, some recordings survived... and here you have a selection of this material: all demos, all previously unreleased, plus the Distorted Levels 7", as well as four tracks recorded by early Chesterfield Kings line-ups from 1978-79. Also features Mr. Electro & The Psychedelic Lampshade. Includes detailed track-by-track notes by Greg, including over 30 photos/press-clippings from his personal archive, and liner notes from Mike Stax (Ugly Things magazine), whose final verdict of this whole artifact could not be more exact: "Barbaric. Crude. Primitive. Beautiful." - Mean Disposition.
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