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AREL, BULENT - Electronic Music 1960-1973

Sub Rosa

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2017 repress. "B_ɬºlent Arels (1919-1990) work occupies a special place in the history of electronic music, with one thing being certain: Arels work is still fresh, groundbreaking, and it always look outs for the next adventure in sound. Sub Rosa present a collection of his works here as part of their Early Electronic series. B_ɬºlent Arel was a Turkish-born American composer of electronic and contemporary classical music. He was also a devoted teacher, a sculptor, and a painter. From 1940 to 1947, Arel studied composition, piano, and 20th century classical music at the Ankara Conservatory. In 1959, Arel came to the US on a grant by the Rockefeller Foundation to work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. By that time the center had just started out under its director Vladimir Ussachevsky. During Arels work in Princeton he also met Edgard Var_ɬ®se, with whom in 1962 he worked on the electronic sections of Var_ɬ®ses D_ɬ©serts. Frank Zappa lists Arel as a key influence. Todays electronic music - whether it is Autechres Confield (2001), Aphex Twins Selected Ambient Works Vol. II (1999), or Squarepushers Do You Know Squarepusher (2001) - builds upon a solid foundation which B_ɬºlent Arel helped to pave." - Sub Rosa.
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