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PUMICE - Persevere

Soft Abuse

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"Its always a struggle. The instruments are wearing out, the guitar gets harder and harder to tune, the tape loops get sicker and the batteries get flatter, but Pumice perseveres. - Stefan Neville. "Following a mammoth tour of Europe, Japan & the US in 2007-2008, Stefan Geoffrey Neville took a sabbatical from Pumice. After a silence of several months, Stefan slowly began to re-emerge in New Zealand, playing (the drums) with a few bands in Auckland. Slowly, a few proper Pumice gigs were played & soon thereafter, in January 2009, Neville started work on a new batch of recordings. One of those found a home on the split single with Grouper, while the others, appear on Persevere; a befitting title for Nevilles first new grip of songs following his hiatus. Three songs comprise Persevere: The Dawn Chorus of Kina, an ode to (alleged) singing sea urchin, and covers from two vision-sharing kindred spirits: The Axemen (Pacific Ocean) and Michael Hurley (Open Up). Persevere is released in an edition of 500 copies, housed in textured paper sleeves adorned with Nevilles signature dog drawings." - Soft Abuse.

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