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TADA, MASAMI/YASUMASA MORIMURA - kokoro-improvisation

SOH Gallery

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Tada had participated in the workshop of Takehisa Kosugi (Taj Mahal Travellers) at the Bigakko. His name is\r\nknown as a main member of legendary improvisation group East Bionic\r\nSymphonia" and "GAP" (both LPs by ALM Records are very rare collectors\r\nitems) in mid 70s. Nowadays Tada mostly interested in photo installations\r\nand sounds by woods, stones and many small objects." - Osamu Abe. "The result of spontaneously live collaborations between performance artist\r\n[known for inserting himself into restaging of famous art masterpieces] and\r\naudio artist using voice, electronics, dance and other performance elements.\r\nQuite strange electronic music. issued 1998.\r\n"This is a recording from a live performance by Masami Tada and Yasumasa\r\nMorimura.\r\nThese two artist first collaborated in a performance at Morimuras\r\nexhibition Kokoro wo Kiru" (Wearing Ones Heart). This performance begins\r\nwith quiet, transparent sound and gradually escalates with dramatic\r\ndevelopments as Morimura dances and sings to Tadas sound improvisations.\r\nThe result is a sound experience in an unexpected dimension." - SOH Gallery. Highly recommended!

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