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CARTER, J. - Rejoice!

A Sunken Mall

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"A Sunken Mall is a new label from Vaagner, bringing limited vinyl editions in special packaging. "In the railroad car a girl on her own. She looks out the window. Outside everything splits in two: tilled fields, woods, white houses, towns, suburbs, dumps, factories, dogs, and children waving goodbye. Lola Muriel appears. August 1980. I dream of faces that open their mouths and can't speak. They try but they can't. Their blue eyes stare at me but they can't. Then I walk along the corridor of a hotel. I wake up sweating. Lola has blue eyes and she reads Poe stories by the pool, while the other girls talk about pyramids and jungles. I dream that I'm watching it rain in neighborhoods which I recognize but have never visited. I walk along an empty passageway. I see faces with eyes that close and mouths that open, though they can't speak. I wake up sweating. August 1980? A girl, eighteen, from Andalusia? The night watchman, madly in love?" --Roberto Bolaño "Dedicated to the love of the fields we watch while they comb their own hair." All instrumentation, vocals, and compositions by Jeremiah M. Carter, except the violin samples performed by Sarah Viviana Valdez on "A Pale Cloth That Cover The Eyes, written words used by Roberto Bolaño on "Like A Waltz", and the written and spoken words by Kelby Clark on "A Few Freed Memories Layed Bare". Embossed 350g deluxe cardboard cover with hand inserted image, paper insert; includes download code; Edition of 150." - A Sunken Mall .

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