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Feeding Tube

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""We discovered the experimental work of the late Letha Rodman Melchior through her husband Dan. Our first release was the amazing Mare Astrale LP (FTR 432LP, 2019), and we have now reissued 2009's Treteman as an LP. Tretetam was actually the operating handle Letha originally used for her sound collages. And this music was first issued on CDR as Tretetam's eponymous debut for the Finnish Ikuisuus label. A few other releases appeared under this soubriquet before she began using her own name on such projects. Letha displays her absolutely original approach to musique concrete from the very beginning of her investigation of the form. Using field recordings, found sounds and invented instrumental passages, she creates bizarre landscapes blending natural and synthetic elements into a seamless whole. Then she tales our hand and leads us through the maze with whispers of comfort echoing across the boundless spaces. The journey she leads is as intoxicating as any you'll ever take. Close your eyes and lean back into it and just go... you can thank us later. Incredible." --Byron Coley, 2020 Edition of 250." - Feeding Tube Records.

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