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SANTIAGO, ARMANDO - Música Intuitiva


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"Twelve immediate listening modes for a virtual orchestra (unique MIDI sounds); Created: 2003. Québec (Québec, Canada), Armando Santiago (conception-achievement). The principle of the principle, the darkness and the light, the life and death of all that exists, the phenomenal energy of the sidereal nuclei, the cannibalism between galaxies, the abysses of infinity, the gravitational whirlwinds, the fate of cosmic reality, everything Huddles and clashes before an imaginary, audacious and privileged witness. Seduction of the unfathomable, twelve states of immediate listening, independent or juxtaposed, escape the solutions of continuity. Conceived as if it were intended for an orchestra – MIDI sound sources, instrumental freedom, dogmatic neutrality, then becoming a giant and virtual orchestra – the work advances as a long poem of static stanzas where microorganisms, multiplied to infinity , Spreads themselves on curvilinear objects with almost incantatory gifts. Armando Santiago " - Grama.
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